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Kingdom of the Cults, rev. and updated ed.Kingdom of the Cults, rev. and updated ed.
Walter Martin
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Radio's original Bible Answer Man Walter Martin's classic resource as updated by cult and occult specialist Ravi Zacharias. Using Martin's well-researched and easily accessible text, Zacharias brings the experience of in-depth study, some would say immersion, into this sometimes confusing field of study and includes many facts and figures covering occurrences in the 1990's (as Martin passed away in 1989). Kingdom of the Cults has always been a trusted resource in times where accurate information is imperative to someone's salvation from the strange world of cults and the occult.

Ranging in topics from the structure of cults to how cults are encountered on the mission field, many cults and movements are described in full, and intimate details of the inner workings can sometimes be indicative of where a cult may be leading. For anyone considering joining any of these groups or looking for more information for a friend or family member, this is an invaluable resource.

Who Made God? And Answers to Over 100 Other Tough Questions of FaithWho Made God? And Answers to Over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith
Edited by Ravi Zacharias & Norman Geisler
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How can there be three persons in one God? Why does God allow evil? What is the origin of the universe? Did Jesus rise from the dead? What about other faiths, such as Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, reincarnation and Buddhism? Expert evangelical apologists answer all these tough questions-and many more.

The Portable Seminary: A Master's Level Overview in One VolumeThe Portable Seminary: A Master's Level Overview in One Volume
Edited by David Horton
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In this one-of-a-kind book, lay people and pastors will find the major topics included in a typical seminary masters program, including surveys of the Old and New Testaments, systematic theology, church history, apologetics, missions, ethics, Christian education, and more. Designed for anyone who wants an introduction to a seminary education but cannot afford the time or money to attend seminary, who lives where formal training is unavailable, or whose previous education is primarily secular. Complete in one volume. The Portable Seminary features a distinguished international faculty of more than fifty professors, lecturers, and authors including: Donald G. Bloesch, Lillian Breckenridge, Walter A. Elwell, Kenneth O. Gangel, Norman L. Geisler, Julie Gorman, Carl F. H. Henry, Marlene Lefevre, Alistair E. McGrath, Leon L. Morris, Mark A. Noll, Robert L. Saucy, Bruce Shelley, Tite Tiinou, John R. W. Stott, C. Peter Wagner, and Ravi Zacharias.

Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We DefendBeyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend
Ravi Zacharias
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Apologist Zacharias joins Alister McGrath, John Lennox, and others to show Christians how to defend their faith and be transformed by it. Addresses topics including the process of spiritual change; the challenges posed by atheism, youth, science, and Islam; existential questions of evil and suffering; the validity of the Bible---and the hypocrisy of its followers. 384 pages, softcover from Nelson.

Jesus: Fact or Fiction? DVDJesus: Fact or Fiction? DVD
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Now more than ever people are asking hard questions about Christianity: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Are the biblical accounts trustworthy? Explore the evidence with experts Lee Strobel, Ravi Zacharias, Darrell Bock, William Dembski, Josh McDowell, and others. Together they tackle dozens of theological difficulties posed by skeptics---and offer compelling reasons for confident faith along with believers' testimonies. This DVD includes the famous Jesus film, starring Brian Deacon as Jesus and more than 4 ½ hours of special features. Closed Captions.

Jesus Film Special Features:
  • Fascinating, full-length audio commentary
  • Behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film
  • "Discovery Glass" Interactive Version of the Film

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