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The Promise of Baptism: An Introduction to Baptism in Scripture and the Reformed TraditionThe Promise of Baptism: An Introduction to Baptism in Scripture and the Reformed Tradition
James V. Brownson
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Christians who otherwise love each other and work together on shared projects and causes nonetheless often disagree on the subject of baptism. Should infants be baptized, or is baptism for believers only? What exactly does baptism mean? What happens, if anything, when someone is baptized? Which is better---sprinkling or immersion? These disagreements are disheartening to some and confusing to many.

The sacrament of baptism from a Reformed perspective is clearly and thoughtfully outlined in this useful book. James Brownson explains the scriptural basis, the theological underpinnings, and the practical implications of this particular element of the faith. Organized into thirty brief, tightly focused chapters---each of which centers on a key question---and enhanced by thoughtful discussion questions, The Promise of Baptism will be an important resource for pastors, students, and laypersons seeking to better understand this sacrament that lies at the heart of the church's life.

James V. Brownson is James I. and Jean Cook Professor of New Testament at Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan.


Baptism and Christian Identity: Teaching in the Triune NameBaptism and Christian Identity: Teaching in the Triune Name
Gordon Mikoski
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Exploring baptism, the doctrine of the Trinity, and Christian education, Mikoski offers a scholarly overview of how growing Christians should be committed to creative engagement with non-believers for the common good. His analysis of Gregory of Nyssa and John Calvin links sacred rite, Trinitarian theology, and ecclesial pedagogy; and suggests implications for the educational ministry of the church. 280 pages, softcover from Eerdmans.

Living Water- Sealing Spirit: Readings on Christian InitiationLiving Water- Sealing Spirit: Readings on Christian Initiation
Maxwell E. Johnson

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This ecumenical collection of essays on Christian initiation from a number of liturgical scholars presents analyses of ancient sources and challenges to the traditional interpretations of those sources, an investigation of the development and meaning of "confirmation," descriptions and interpretations of contemporary initiation rites, and a discussion of the challenges.


Johannic BaptismJohannic Baptism
James W. Dale
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James W. Dale explains the differences in thinking about the word for baptism that appears in the New Testament. He argues that baptism is a condition, not an act, and that the Bible never states how baptism is to be done. He is not arguing for any particular side of how to baptize, but instead argues against dogmatism that insists that baptism should be done in one particular manner when the Bible never states what that manner should be.

Baptism: Christ's Act in the ChurchBaptism: Christ's Act in the Church
Laurence Hull Stookey
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Baptism is a gift from God to the church. If it is not, why make such a fuss about it? We may as well abolish the practice and thus put an end to the confusion and competing notions that surround it. Baptism is God's gift to the church, Christ's act within the church. This is a fundamental assumption. Now we must try to make sense of such a bold assertion. Few issues within the church are as controversial as baptism. By which method should it be administered? At what age? What if one changes denominations? Laurence Stookey sifts through the confusion and rhetoric to offer this practical, biblically sound guide to baptism. He examines the sacrament from historical, theological, and pastoral perspectives, and looks at how it has been altered through the ages. Stookey also suggests possible reforms, practices that need restoring and proper occasions for the service.



Baptism: A Biblical StudyBaptism: A Biblical Study
Jack Cottrell
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In this classic work, Dr. Jack Cottrell guides you through every New Testament text that deals with baptism. It is a thorough, yet highly readable, study that provides a firm understanding of the New Testament teaching concerning this important doctrinal issue. This book now includes study questions for each chapter making this a great resource for group meetings.

The Christian Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism Confirmation, EucharistThe Christian Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism Confirmation, Eucharist
Kenan B. Osborne
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This book brings together contemporary theological insights into the unity of the sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist which together form the introduction to Christian sacramental life. They express and make present the much deeper and more fundamental reality of Jesus as the prime sacramental expression in which all individual sacraments find their basis.
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