The Life of St. Antony (Ancient Christian Writers)The Life of St. Antony (Ancient Christian Writers)
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The present volume contains the most important document of early monasticism, The Life of St. Antony, whose author is no less a man than the great St. Athanasius himself. The most important document of early monasticism, written in 357, this is a biography of the recognized founder and father of monasticism.

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Birht and Youth of Antony
Antony's Call and His First Steps in Asceticism
Early Conflicts with Demons
Anthony's Life in the Tombs, Further Struggles With Demons
He Crosses the Nile, Life in the Desert, Solitude of Pispir
He Leaves His Solitude, The Father and Teacher of Monks
Antony's Address tot he Monks
Monastic Virtue
The Candidate for Martyrdom Under Maximin Daha
The Daily Martyr of the Monastic Life
Flightto the Inner Mountain
Demons Again
Antony Visits the Brethren Along the Nile
The Brethren Visit Antony
Miracles in the Desert
Antonys Devotion to the Church's Ministers
His Loyalty to the Faith
Wisdom tot he Wise
The Emperor Constantine Writes to Him
He Foretells the Ravages of the Arian HereticsGod's Wodner-Worker and Physician of Souls


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