Behold Your God: Studies on the Attributes of God - Woman's Workshop SeriesBehold Your God: Studies on the Attributes of God - Woman's Workshop Series
Myrna Alexander
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In this study of God's character and person, each lesson covers a truth about God's character: loving, supreme and sovereign, all-powerful, good, omniscient, all-wise, omnipresent, immutable, faithful, holy, just, and worthy to be praised. It prepares participants "to consistently lean on God," and "to know him"; it also encourages practical application of this knowledge to daily living. Women who are serious about Bible study--and the spiritual growth it can impel--will enjoy the Woman's Workshop series. You won't just sit passively and let your leader do all the work; instead, you'll complete one brief on-your-own "discovery session" each day and share your insights in the weekly group lesson. This approach demands commitment--but it also delivers results! No group? You can use this series on your own, too. Each study has built-in helps for leaders. From Zondervan.

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How to Use This Study Book

1. Introduction

2. God is Love

3. God is Supreme and Sovereign

4. God Is All-Powerful

5. God is Good

6. God is Omniscient

7. God is All-Wise

8. God Is Omnipresent

9. God Is Immutable

10. God Is Faithful

11. God Is Holy

12. God Is Just

13. Praise the Lord

Suggestions for Leaders