Celebrations That Touch the Heart: Creative Ideas to Make Your  Holidays and Special Events MeaningfulCelebrations That Touch the Heart: Creative Ideas to Make Your Holidays and Special Events Meaningful
Brenda Poinsett
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There's More to the Story

While younger children may need to learn the facts about Jesus' birth, older children - and sometimes adults - may need a review of the facts to keep the story of Jesus' birth separated from folklore. I have often reviewed the facts of Jesus' birth at Christmas parties by using the following quiz by Ron. C. Carlson. All questions are based on the King James Version of the Bible. The answers are either true or false.

    1. A heavenly messenger named Gabriel visited Mary.

    2. The angel told Mary that the unborn baby's name would be "Jesus."

    3. At first, Mary doubted the angel's message.

    4. To protect her name and reputation, Mary told relatives and friends about the angel's message.

    5. Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth three months prior to the birth of John the Baptist.

    6. Joseph was from the line of David, second King of Israel.

    7. Bethlehem is mentioned in the prophecy of Micah as the Messiah's birthplace.

    8. Joseph was from the line of David, second king of Israel.

    9. Three Wise Men came to see Jesus.

    10. The Wise Men came from three different countries.

    11. Religious leaders told the Wise Men where the Messiah would be born.

    12. The Wise Men found Jesus in a stable.
    13. The Wise Men presented three different gifts to Jesus.

    14. A star guided shepherds to the manger.

    15. An angel sang to the shepherds "Glory to God in the highest..."

    16. The shepherds found Jesus lying in a manger.

    17. The shepherds told others about Jesus.

    18. Joseph, warned in a dream, fled to Nazareth.

    19. The babies massacred in Bethlehem by King Herod were all two years old and under.

    20. The Wise Men took the same route home as they did coming to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
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