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I Would Die for YouI Would Die for You
Brent Higgins, Deanna Higgins
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Using journal and blog entries, I Would Die For You tells the heartbreaking but inspiring story of 15-year-old BJ Higgins, who died after contracting an illness on a missions trip, yet who lives on to challenge us to ask ourselves: Am I truly willing to give my all for God?

Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of  Jim ElliotShadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot
Elisabeth Elliot
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Originally published in 1958, this modern classic has been inspiring and challenging Christians for generations! Based on Jim Elliot's revealing diaries and his wife's own experiences, this moving memoir shares the story of the life and martyrdom of five missionaries at the hands of the Ecuadorian Huaroni tribe in 1956. Includes photographs. 272 pages, hardcover from Hendrickson.

Through Gates of Splendor Through Gates of Splendor
Elisabeth Elliot
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In January 1956, a tragic but inspiring story broke in headlines across the world. Five young men had dared to make contact with a Stone Age tribe deep in the Jungles of Ecuador. The goal: to establish communication with a people whose only previous response to the outside world had been to attack all strangers. The men's mission combined modern technology with innate ingenuity, sparked by a passionate determination to get the gospel to a people without Christ.

A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy CarmichaelA Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael
Elisabeth Elliot
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A vibrant portrait of Amy Carmichael-one of India's most beloved missionaries. Follow the journey of a courageous Irishwoman who spent 53 years in South India without furlough, earning the nickname "Amma" or "Mother" from the underprivileged children she regarded as God's jewels.





Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North AmericaMissional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America
Edited by Darrell L. Guder
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In this post-Christian era, the focus of the North American church centers on the maintenance of the institution rather than on God's mission. In this timely volume, six missiologists examine the church's loss of dominance in today's culture. Presenting a biblically based theology, they challenge the church to recover its missional vocation---here in North America. 288 pages, softcover from Eerdmans.


Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike HumilityCross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility
Duane Elmer
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The last thing we want to do in cross-cultural ministry is to offend people in other cultures. Unfortunately, all too often and even though we don't mean it, our actions communicate superiority, paternalism, imperialism and arrogance. Our best intentions become unintentional insults. How can we minister in ways that are received as true Christlike service?

Cross-cultural specialist Duane Elmer gives Christians practical advice for serving other cultures with sensitivity and humility. With careful biblical exposition and keen cross-cultural awareness, he shows how our actions and attitudes often contradict and offend the local culture. He offers principles and guidance for avoiding misunderstandings and building relationships in ways that honor others. Here is culturally-savvy insight into how we can follow Jesus' steps to become global servants.

Whether you're going on your first short-term mission trip or ministering overseas for extended periods, this useful guide is essential reading for anyone who wants to serve effectively in international settings with grace and sensitivity.

The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God's Plan for the WorldThe Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God's Plan for the World
M. David Sills
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Do all Christians have a missionary call? How can you discern God's will? Drawing on his own experience, Sills addresses common questions and obstacles concerning God's plan. Discover how the call may change over time, whether the work is a lifelong occupation, what to do if your spouse doesn't share your sense of mission, and more. 220 pages, softcover from Moody.



Generation Change: Roll Up Your Sleeves and Change the WorldGeneration Change: Roll Up Your Sleeves and Change the World
Zach Hunter
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Don't just sit there wondering why the world is so messed up. Get up and do something about it! The teens you'll meet in this book are feeding the hungry, providing clean water for the thirsty, clothing the poor, housing the homeless, improving the environment and taking the Bible to new people. If they can do it, so can you! Author, activist and teenager Zach Hunter is committed to ending modern-day slavery. He's also passionate about helping other teens discover God's love for those who are suffering. Read this book to discover your passion and learn tangible ways to change your world!

Visions Beyond the VeilVisions Beyond the Veil
H.A. Baker
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Beggars...Outcasts...Homeless. Such were the forgotten, uneducated children in China where the Spirit of God fell upon their humble orphanage, the Adullam Home. The boys spent days in powerful meetings, praying and praising God. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they prophesied, saw visions, and discovered:

  • they operate and protect us
  • Unbelievers...and their fate
  • Heavenly Occupations...what our jobs will be
  • Paradise...revealed through the eyes of children
  • The Throne of God...experiencing true worship
  • Death...what happens when we die
  • Demons...and their evil works


    Teaching Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Learning and TeachingTeaching Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Learning and Teaching
    Judith E. Lingenfelter, Sherwood G. Lingenfelter
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    This book is designed to complement Sherwood Lingenfelter's highly succesful Ministering Cross Culturally. It takes similar insights and applies them specifically to an educational setting. It also guides readers with little understanding of cross-cultural challenges in ministry and helps them see how cultural sensitivity and effective teaching are inseperably linked. Chapters include discussions about how to uncover cultural biases, how to address intelligence and learning styles, and teaching for biblical transformation. It is ideal for the western-trained educator who plans to work in a non-western setting.

    Missionaries, "tentmakers", and those who teach in an increasingly multicultural North America will find this book helpful.

    The Hospital by the RiverThe Hospital by the River
    Catherine Hamlin, John Little
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    The Hamlins, both committed Christians, dedicated their lives to women suffering the catastrophic effects of obstructed labor - a problem easily dealt with in the developed world by assisted delivery or caesarean section, but disastrous without medical intervention. The awful injuries that such labor produces are called fistulae, and until the Hamlins began their work in Ethiopia, fistula sufferers were neglected and forgotten - a vast group of women facing a lifetime of incapacity and degradation.

    Catherine and Reg have successfully operated on over 20,000 women, and the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, the hospital they opened in 1975, has become a major teaching institution for surgeons from all over Ethiopia and the developing world. Since Reg's death, Catherine has continued their work, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. This book is her story. Set against the vivid backdrop of Ethiopia, it is a moving and utterly compelling account of an extraordinary life.

    Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot- and Cold-Climate CulturesForeign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot- and Cold-Climate Cultures
    Sarah A. Lanier
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    If the world were roughly divided into "hot climate" and "cold climate" cultures, what could one half of humankind learn from the other? Lanier---the daughter of missionaries and an experienced world traveler---writes insightfully on topics including relationship vs. task orientation; direct vs. indirect communication; individualism vs. group identity; and different concepts of hospitality. 128 pages, softcover from McDougal.

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