Gladys AylwardGladys Aylward
Christine Hunter
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Nothing is impossible with God. With less than ten dollars in her pocket, but armed with enormous faith, Gladys Alward courageously answered God's call to become a missionary in china. But it was no easy task. Witness the way God empowered her to overcome tremendous obstacles fo fulfill His plan for her life. Read on this "little woman" based her entire life on trusting God's promise: "Be ye not afraid of them-I am your God. .

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1. China’s Millions
2. Moving Out
3. From the Net of the Fowler
4. Among the Mules
5. Among the Feet
6. Ninepence
7. Mrs. Ching
8. The Lull Before the Storm
9. At War
10. Flight
11. The Long Trek
12. The Stethoscope
13. The God Who Loves
14. Mr. Shan
15. Even unto Death
16. Back to England
17. Wong Kwai
18. An Old Suit