The Faith of the Early Fathers, Volume 2The Faith of the Early Fathers, Volume 2
William A. Jurgens
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A source book of theological and historical passages from the Christian writings of the Post Nicene and Constantinopolitan eras throught St. Jerome. The passages selected are keyed to the numerical order established in M.J. Rouet de Journel's Enchiridion Patristicum. In no sense, however, are these volumes a translation of that standard work. The author has made his own investigation of theological textbooks in common use and has selected the patristic passages most frequently cited, including much that is in Rouet and much that is not. All passages have been freshly and accurately translated from the best critical editions.

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Evagrius of Pontus
St. Basil the Great
Against Eunomius
The Holy Spirit
Homilies on the Psalms
Eulogies on the Martyrs and Sermons on Moral and Practical Subject
Rules Briefly Treated
St. Gregory of Nazianz
St. Gregory of Nyssa
The Makingof Man
The Life of Moses
Homilies on Ecclesiastes
Commentary on the Canticle of Canticles
The Lord's Prayer
The Beatitudes
The Great Catechism
To Ablabius: That There Are Not Three God
To the Greeks: From Universal Ideas
Against Eunomius
Refutation of the Views of Apollinaris
Dialogue on the Soul and Resurrection
On the Untimely Deaths of Infants
Against Those Who Resent Correction
Orations and Sermons
Didymus the Blind
The Holy Spirit
The Trinity
Against the Manicheans
St. Amphilochius of Iconium
To Seleucus
St. Epiphanius of Salamis
The Well-Anchored Man
Panacea Against All Heresies
Theodore of Mopsuestia
The Incarnation
The Book of Pearls
Against Apollinaris
Commentary on Matthew
Catechetical Homilies
St. John Chrysostom
To the Fallen Theodore
Homilies on the Devil
The Priesthood
Homilies Against the Anomoians and on the Incomprehensible Nature of God
Homilies on Lazarus
Homilies Agianst the Anomoians and on the Consubstantiality of the Father and the Son
The Proof that Christ Is God
Homilies on Penance
Panegyric Sermons
Homilies on the Incidentof the Statues
Baptismal Catecheses
Homilies on Hannah
Homilies on Genesis, Second Series
Homilies on the Beginning of the Acts of the Apostles
Homilies on the Treachery of Judas
Homilies on the Gospel of John
Homilies on the Gospel of Matthew
Homilies on the Epistles to the Romans
Homilies on the First Epistle to the Corinthians
Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians
Homilies on the Epistle to the Ephesians
Homilies on the Epistle to the Philippians
Homilies on the Second Epistle to Timothy
Explanation of the Psalms
Homilies on the Second Epistle tot he Thessalonians
Homilies on the Epistle to the Hebrews
Apostolic Constitutions
Apostolic Canons
The Sacramentary of Serapion
Gnostic Writings
The First Book of IEOU: The Book of the Great Word of Mystery
Pistis Sophia or the Faith Wisdom
St. Optatus of Milevis
The Schism of the Donatists
St. Pacian of Barcelona
Three LEtters to the Novatianist Sympronian
Sermon Exhorting to Penance
Sermon on Baptism
The Trinity
St. Ambrose on Milan
Commentaries on Twelve of David's Psalms
The Faith
The Death of His Brother Satyrus
Cain and Abel
The Holy Spirit
The Mystery of the Lord's Incarnation
Explanation of David the Prophet
Commentary of the Gospel of Luke
Sermon Against Auxentius
Commentary on Psalm 118
The Duties of the Clergy
Death as a Blessing
The Virgins
The Widows
The Consecration of A Virgin and the Perpetual Virginity of Mary
Exhortation to Virginity
Sympathy at the Death of Valentinian
The Mysteries
The Sacraments
The Ambrosiaster
Commentaries in Thirteen Pauline Epistles
Explanation of the Apostles' Creed
St. Jerome
Dialogue Between A Luciferian and An Orthodox Christian
Against Helvidius: The Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Commentaries on the Epistle to the Galatians
Commentaries on the Epistle to the Ephesians
Commentaries on the Epistle to Titus
Preface to the Three Solomonic Books
Commentary on Ecclesiastes
Commentaries on Micheas
Commentaries on Habacuc
Against Jovinian
Commentaries on Jonas
Against John of Jerusalem
Commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew
Short Commentaries on the Psalms and Treatises or Homilies on the Psalms
Apology Against the Books of Rufinus
Commentaries on Zacharias
Against Vigilantius
The Galeatic or Helmeted Prologue
Commentaries on Isaias
Dialogue Against the Pelagians
Commentaries on Jeremias
Treatises or Homilies onthe Gospel Mark
Letter of Pelagius to Demetrias
Free Will
Fragments from Undetermined works of Pelagius
Julian of Eclanum
Eight Books to Florus