Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell is an internationally famous author and speaker. He has worked for many years as a traveling representative for Campus Crusade for Christ. He graduated from Wheaton College and Talbot Theological Seminary.

Josh came to Christ after being challenged by some Christians to disprove the gospel accounts. Fortunately for Josh, and for us, the more he looked into the gospels, and the history of the church, the more likely it seemed that the gospels were true. Josh came out of this experience with a passion for apologetics, and has spent his career defending the faith to both skeptic and naysayer.

(information taken from Evidence that Demands a Verdict)

The New Evidence That Demands a VerdictThe New Evidence That Demands a Verdict
Josh McDowell
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Christians today face growing challenges to show that their faith is both relevant and credible. In Josh McDowell's The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, you'll get the ammunition you need to defend your faith against the barrage of criticisms. This 760-page hardcover combines the two original best-selling volumes into one, maintaining their classic defense of the faith, yet answering new questions posed by today's culture.

A Ready DefenseA Ready Defense
Josh McDowell
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Here is evidence for the Christian faith by one of its premier defenders! Topically arranged, this "best of Josh McDowell" gives you more than 60 well-reasoned arguments from creation to the virgin birth to the resurrection of Jesus and much more. Ideal for skeptics who are curious about Christianity and for Christians who want to learn how to defend their faith. 566 pages, softcover from Nelson.

The One-Year Book of Josh McDowell's Youth Devotions, Volume 1The One-Year Book of Josh McDowell's Youth Devotions, Volume 1
Josh McDowell, Bob Hostetler
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Begin each day with a committed heart for God! Check out Josh McDowell's One Year Book of Youth Devotions and launch yourself on an unforgettable adventure in making right choices. The daily readings and reflection questions may make you laugh or really think, and each will help you discover how to do the right thing during the ups and downs of daily life. Be challenged and inspired to live for God like never before!

Handbook of Today's ReligionsHandbook of Today's Religions
Josh McDowell, Don Stewart
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One of the best reference books available on the religions and cults present in our time, Handbook of Today's Religions combines, for the first time, four books by Josh McDowell and Don Stewart on religions, cults, and the occult into one easy-to-use volume. The four books, which each became a section of the compilation, are: Non-Christian Religions; The Occult; Secular Religions; The Cults. Powerful individually, together the books are a powerhouse of vital information for Christians on those worldviews which challenge and attack Christianity.

In part one, McDowell and Stewart focus on cults. The define what a cult is and offer some characteristics of cults. This is then contrasted with historical, biblical Christianity. The author's also offer detailed background information about numerous cults affecting our society today, including: Hare Krishna, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Transcendental Meditation, Theosophy and others. Ministries dealing with each cult are listed, along with an extensive annotated bibliography.

Part two looks at the occult, offering information on its popularity and growth. Occultic practices ranging from astrology to hypnotism to witchcraft are explained and contrasted with biblical beliefs. This part also includes two informative appendices, one on the presence of magic and the occult in literature, and another on the authority of the believer.

The third part offers a great look at the ten most familiar and prevalent non-Christian religions in the world. In this section you will find brief, but informative, looks at Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism. The extensive annotated bibliography is a great place to start further research on each religion.

Part four looks at what McDowell and Stewart term secular religions. Though the term seems somewhat oxymoronic, the authors point out just how much each worldview in this section has in common with religions. The worldviews looked at are: atheism; agnosticism, skepticism, Marxism, secular humanism, and existentialism.

In part five, there is an essay by Norman Anderson explaining and describing a Christian approach to comparative religions, as well as a look at the four spiritual laws.

All told, this reference book offers one of the best looks (from a Christian perspective) at each of the various religions and worldviews which exist currently. Understanding what motivates adherents of each system can help us to reach out to them with the truth of Christianity.

The Disconnected GenerationThe Disconnected Generation
Josh McDowell
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Break the barrier of isolation that separates you from your children. According to McDowell, the most dangerous threat to our teens is not lurking outside in our morally corrupt culture, but inside our homes, where young people are feeling alienated from their parents. In The Disconnected Generation, Joshua provides a biblical blueprint for entering your child's world on an emotional level so deep that no cultural influence can destroy it.


Setting You Free to Make Right Choices, WorkbookSetting You Free to Make Right Choices, Workbook
Josh McDowell

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Our youth no longer live in a culture that teaches an objective standard of right and wrong. Truth has become a matter of taste; morality has been replaced by individual preference, and our youth have been affected. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of our churched youth cannot state that an objected standard of right and wrong even exists! Setting you free to make right choices provides you with everything you need to empower your students to form a habit of making right moral choices based upon God and His word as their absolute standard of right and wrong. Equipped with a 35-daily session Student Workbook. Note: Leaders Guide sold separately.

Josh McDowell Apologetics Library, 3 VolumesJosh McDowell Apologetics Library, 3 Volumes
Josh McDowell
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More than ever, Christians must be prepared to defend their faith. Equip yourself with well-reasoned arguments, conclusive evidence, and accurate information about creation, the virgin birth, the resurrection of Jesus, the reliability of the Bible, the nature of truth, postmodernism, cults, the occult, non-Christian religions, and much more. Ideal for curious skeptics and on-guard believers. Two hardcovers and one softcover.

The One-Year Book of Josh McDowell's Family DevotionsThe One-Year Book of Josh McDowell's Family Devotions
Josh McDowell, Bob Hostetler
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Your kids have to make a choice between right and wrong every day. This book is designed to help them make Godly decisions by helping you pass on sound biblical values. This collection of time-tested family devotions features contemporary stories, Bible readings, discussion questions, and more to help you guide your children in righteousness and preserve their zeal for faithful, honest, and just living.

Beyond Belief to ConvictionsBeyond Belief to Convictions
Josh McDowell, Bob Hostetler
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Distorted beliefs lead to distorted values, and that affects our attitudes and actions. Gain the tools you'll need to give your kids an accurate foundation. This comprehensive text presents rock-solid reasons to believe the deity and incarnation of God, the Bible and its reliability, the Resurrection, and provides the blueprint to live out those beliefs.

The Teenage Q & A BookThe Teenage Q & A Book
Josh McDowell, Bill Jones
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Honest, frank and straight to the point, youth experts Josh McDowell and Bill Jones answer over 230 questions from teens on topics of interest like parents, self-image, peer pressure, dating and sex. From "How can I get along with my parents?" to "How can I resist drugs when all my friends do it?" to "How far can I go physically before it's wrong?" their answers are candid, straight to the point and most importantly: biblical!

Why True Love WaitsWhy True Love Waits
Josh McDowell
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It's no secret that our culture places immense pressure on young people to be sexually active before marriage. In this updated and revised edition of his classic Why Wait? McDowell equips parents and youth workers with information and answers to help kids resist; and provides teens with the reasons and benefits of remaining pure.
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