Sudden Impact: Powerful Encounters with the Real JesusSudden Impact: Powerful Encounters with the Real Jesus
Mark Ashton
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Men left their careers to follow him. Prostitutes and extortionists reformed their ways. Grief-stricken women regained lost loved ones. One religious leader sought his wisdom while others sought to kill him. Taking a compelling look at six very different encounters with Jesus and their impact on real, flesh-and-blood people, Sudden Impact helps you consider how you might respond if Jesus entered your world and turned it upside down. Six lessons with icebreakers and a leader's guide are included.

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Doing Crazy Things

Discussion 1. The Professor

Discussion 2. The Roof Smashers

Discussion 3. The Corpse

Discussion 4. Soldiers and Criminals

Discussion 5. The Prostitute

Discussion 6. The Blue-Collar Man and the IRS Agent

Putting the Puzzle Together

Leaderís Guide


How to Lead a Great Discussion

Notes for Each Discussion