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Imperial Events
Ecclesiastical Events
Persecution under Valerian and Gallienus
Chronology of the Letters


Letter 67: To Felix and the peoples of Legio and Asturica, and to Aelius and the people of Emerita
Letter 68: To Stephen
Letter 69: To Magnus
Letter 70: To Januarius, Saturnninus, Maximus, Victor, another Victor, Cassius, Proculus, Modianus, Cittinus, Gargilius, Eutychianus, another Gargilius, another Saturnius, Nemesianus, Nampulus, Antonianus, Rogatianus and Honoratus
Letter 71: To Quintus
Letter 72: To Stephen
Letter 73: To Iubaianus
Letter 74: To Pompeius
Letter 75: From Firmilian to Cyprian
Letter 76: To Nemesianus, Felix, a second Felix, Litteus, Polianus, Victor, Iader, Dativus, and other martyrs
Letter 77: From Nemesianus, Dativus, Felix, and Victor to Cyprian
Letter 78: From Lucius and others to Cyprian
Letter 79: From Felix, Iader, Polianus, and others to Cyprian
Letter 80: To Successus
Letter 81: To the presbyters, deacons, and all the laity
Letter 82: To Silvanus, Reginus, and Donatianus

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