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John WesleyJohn Wesley
John Wesley
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John Wesley was an evangelist, reformer and founder of the Methodist denomination. He wanted to preach the gospel in "plain words for plain people." This volume's purpose is to show Wesley as a theologian by providing a representation of his writings, as selected by the editor. Part One: The image of John Wesley by his own self-analysis, the Aldersgate experience, self-images in letters and sermons. Part Two: Theological foundations by doctrinal summaries from homilies of the Church of England and in the Minutes of the Conferences. Writings on the faith and the assurance of faith, faith at work, the fullness of faith and the church and sacraments. Part Three: Theologies in conflict. Article and writings on "The Rift of the Moravians", "The Menace of Antinomianism", "Tensions Within the Church of England", "The Struggle with the Calvinists" and "An Olive Branch to the Romans."

A Real Christian: The Life of John WesleyA Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley
Kenneth J. Collins
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Real" Christians, according to Wesley, were those whose lives had been transformed by the sanctifying grace of God, who embraced piety and works of mercy, personal and social holiness. This solid study brings out the biographical and theological details of Wesley's own spiritual progression. 192 pages, softcover.

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