The Gospel According to Harry Potter: Spirituality in   the Stories of the World's Favorite SeekerThe Gospel According to Harry Potter: Spirituality in the Stories of the World's Favorite Seeker
Connie Neal
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In a book that is sure to delight Harry Potter fans and spiritual seekers alike, Connie Neal embarks on an exploration into J.K. Rowling's created world of magic and mystery and enumerates more than fifty "Potteran" themes that can be seen as glimmers of the Christian gospel. With an arsenal of charming allusions and parallels, Neal persuasively demonstrates that Harry Potter need not be rejected as a threat to the Christian faith, as some have claimed. Written accessibly in short three- to four-page chapters, Neal's The Gospel According to Harry Potter is both a much-needed stroke of interpretive genius and a fascinating reflection on our time's most popular literary series. This is a must-read for everyone intrigued by the Harry Potter phenomenon.

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    "A wonderful rebuttal for those who see something sinister in this children's classic! Connie Neal helped me enjoy Harry Potter all the more."
    -Tony Campolo
    author of Revolution and Renewal and Let Me Tell You a Story

    "Worried parents may think this book is the answer to a prayer!"
    -Frederica Mathewes-Green
    commentator for National Public Radio's "Morning Edition"

    "The best book that I have read on harry Potter from a Christian point of view. I highly recommend it to every parent, pastor, and educator."
    -David Bruce
    founder of

    "An eloquent example of how the intersectin of religion and popular culture can also form a crossroad of enlightenment and happiness."
    -Mark I. Pinsky
    author of The Gospel According to The Simpsons"

    Excerpted from The Gospel According to Harry Potter by Connie Neal.
    Westminster/John Knox, 2002
    All rights reserved.