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The Real Deal
Chapter 1: I Just Wanna Have Fu-un
Chapter 2: Kissing Stupid Dating Goodbye
Chapter 3: Before You Tie the Knot, Make Sure the Rope Isn't Around Your Neck
Worth the Knowing
Chapter 4: 12 Lousy Reasons To Get Married
Chapter 5: Becoming a Person Worth Knowing and Marrying
Worth the Finding
Chapter 6: 12 Problem People To Avoid Marrying
Chapter 7: Finding a Person Worth Knowing and Marrying
Evaluating the “Match”
Chapter 8: The Best Reasons to Get Married
Chapter 9: 12 Things to Be Sure of Before Marriage
Chapter 10: 10 Secrets of Knowing You've Found "The One"
In the Meantime
Chapter 11: Celebrating Singleness
Chapter 12: Sex
Chapter 13: A Few Last Thoughts