Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards: A Guided Tour of His Life and ThoughtJonathan Edwards: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought
Stephen J. Nichols
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Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) became the pastor of the church of Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1724. His powerful preaching launched the Great Awakening. He is best known for contributing a vast body of writings to the evangelical community on not only theological issues, many of which still challenge scholars, but also metaphysics, ethics, and psychology. His influence is felt today through his published works and godly example. Considered one of America's greatest theologians, Jonathan Edwards is well defined in this biography. Now in this book, author Stephen J. Nichols tells a clear and comprehensive narrative of his life in relation to his works.

Lights Shining in the Darkness: Men of FaithLights Shining in the Darkness: Men of Faith
Peter Jeffery
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Many will know of the great names of church history through mention of them in sermons, but that is often as far as it goes. Lights shining in the darkness has been written to introduce its readers to eleven 'men of faith' who, in the providence of God, has made an impact on the ministry of the Christian church. Each of these men had a passionate love for the Lord and his Word, which they eagerly desired to share with an often hostile world. The choice of men to consider is enormous and those included in this book are simply men the author has always been interested in, such as William Tyndale, Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, Oliver Cromwell, and Jonathan Edwards. No Christian can fail to benefit from knowing about such men who have been used by the Lord to take on the world in the name of Christ. It is hoped that these brief glimpses into each of their lives will inspire and encourage readers to go on and find out more about these spiritual giants for themselves.


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