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The Diary & Journal of David BrainerdThe Diary & Journal of David Brainerd
David Brainerd
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The Diary and Journal of David Brainerd (1718-1747) is of much more than merely historical interest. The first internationally recognized biography to be printed in America, the first full missionary biography ever to be published, it has had a profound impact on successive generations of Christians around the world. Few books have done so much to promote prayer and missionary action, and it is not without good reason that it has remained in print since the great New England pastor and theologian Jonathan Edwards first published it in 1749.

Between 1742 and his death in 1747, David Brainerd took the gospel to the North American Indians in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. He willingly ran any risk and accepted any hardship to fulfil his calling as a missionary. The amount of work which he achieved in such unpromising and difficult circumstances now seems almost incredible. His total dedication to the cause of making Christ known inspired the finest of missionaries who followed in his footsteps: William Carey, who loved Brainerd's writings, confessed, "I was much humbled today by reading Brainerd. O, what a disparity betwixt me and him! He always constant; I as inconstant as the wind." Today his life continues to minister encouragement to the servants of God, as John Piper testifies, "for me...Brainerd's life is a vivid, powerful testimony to the truth that God can and does use weak, sick, discouraged, beat-down, lonely, struggling saints, who cry to him day and night, to accomplish amazing things for his glory."

Five Pioneer MissionariesFive Pioneer Missionaries
John Legg
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There are few more thrilling periods of church history than the great missionary movement which stretched from the eighteenth into the nineteenth century. Recognizing that Jesus Christ was the missionary sent by the Father, and that the Bible is the Magna Carta of missions, men like Henry Martyn, John G. Paton, John Eliot, David Brainerd, and William Chalmers Burns left home, family and love for the sake of Christ and to spread his bood news. The narratives of their monumental labors and sufferings and their strong longings to see Christ glorified in the salvation of the nations make awe-inspiring and God-honoring reading.

The Life and Diary of David BrainerdThe Life and Diary of David Brainerd
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Frail, prone to depression, Brainerd was an unlikely candidate for missionary work. Yet in the 18th century, he converted hundreds of Native Americans thorugh his example of self-denial, commitment to prayer, and devotion to Christ. Edited by Jonathan Edwards, Brainerd's firsthand account chronicles his amazing ministry-one that continues to shape today's missions.

David Brainerd: A Flame for GodDavid Brainerd: A Flame for God
Vance Christie
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Get acquainted with a man who longed to be "one continued flame for God"! Despite battling depression and tuberculosis, Brainerd followed his calling to minister to Native Americans and was blessed to witness spiritual revival before his death at age 29. Christie's colorful account will resound with readers 12 and up. Foreword by John MacArthur. 320 pages, softcover from Christian Focus.


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