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Q: Your new book is entitled Mirror Ball. Can you explain the concept behind the title?
The title refers to a story I tell in the first chapter of the book. The point of it that is that a mirror ball has the potential to send out glittering light in all directions - but the key factor in the equation is the light that shines upon it. In and of itself it has no light. The same is true with our lives of worship. In and of ourselves we have no light, but in the power, truth and grace of Jesus we can shine brightly and boldly all around.
Q: When did you first feel God’s calling on your life?
I started leading worship as a teenager, and was in a church environment where young people were really encouraged and affirmed in ministry. So it wasn’t too long before I was writing songs to try and help us give voice to our worship. I love that process of the heart overflowing in song, and then trying to shape it and get it ready to sing at church.

Q: You have written many worship songs.  How would you best define worship?
It’s our response to the glory and grace of God - and it flows in our words, actions, thoughts. The very healthiest worship is a reflex - we see God for who He is and can’t help but respond.
Q: How can our lives reflect worship to God?  And how can a life of worship impact those around us?
The book encourages people to get a new confidence in their lives - a bold and bright outlook that God can use us in our daily surroundings. That will require patience, passion and perseverance - but we need to get a bright-thinking optimistic outlook that He will use us, as we hang in there. Sometimes we have no clue just how much God is doing as we sow daily in our workplaces, homes, or places of study. The book also looks at the link between worship and social justice, and what a wonderful and powerful force for God we can be as the church when we work together. 

Q: What are you passionate about?
I love trying to find words and melodies that help people talk to God. The most encouraging thing for me is when someone says that one of the songs helped them vocalize what was in their heart for God.
Q: How can we continue to reflect God’s glory during the trials of life?
With a persevering passion! In the book I define passion as “the degree of difficulty we’re willing to go to achieve our goals”.

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