Historically, the church's ministry of grounding new believers in the essentials of the faith has been known as catechesis--systematic instruction in faith foundations, including what we believe, how we pray and worship, and how we conduct our lives. For most evangelicals today, however, this very idea is an alien concept. Packer and Parrett, concerned for the state of the church, seek to inspire a much needed evangelical course correction.


How should one interpret the infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke? Or make sense of their apparent differences? Kelly delves into their origins, later embellishments, and such cultural trappings as churches, pageants, trees, cards, and lots more. What does Emmanuel, "God with us," truly mean?More...

How many times have you heard great things about a church only to find no theological substance in the preaching? How many times have you encountered theologically illiterate pastors, lay persons, or church educators? More...

The Devil Reads Derrida is a compilation of essays and articles written for the lay audience by a notable and bright, young voice within the church and Christian academia. James K.A. Smith, a specialist in French philosophy and postmodernism...More...

St. Augustine, a theologian whose views and controversies shaped the course of Christianity in the West, was also a struggling North African pastor who had a flair for teaching and who meditated deeply on the complexities of the human heart.  More...

With this book, Thomas Torrance purposes to gather together in a single volume all Catechisms officially authorized and employed by the Church of Scotland since the Reformation, so that they may be conveniently studied together. More...

"This is an important book! With a generous spirit and discerning eye, Murphy unmasks the ways in which the biblical and theological context of Christian education has been co-opted, on the one hand, by a focus on learning experiences and, on the other hand, by modernity's understanding of what it means to be human. More...

This significant book is the work of Jewish, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant scholars who wished to discover and describe how Jews and Christians through history have been formed in religious ways of thinking and acting. More...

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