Out of the ShadowsOut of the Shadows
J. Thomas Lapacka
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This is Tom Lapacka's account of his journey from nominal Christianity through cultism and into the full light of Jesus Christ. He shows you that the Gospel is not the only persuasive power in our world. The story is about the Spirit leading Tom and his family to the kindly heart of God through Jesus Christ.

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    Out Of The Shadows: Finding God's Truth In A World Of Deception by J. Thomas Lapacka (Executive Director, The Lutheran Church/Missouri Synod Board for Communication Services, St. Louis, Missouri) is the personal and penetrating testimony of one man's journey through the tight clutches of a cult to embracing faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A powerful, moving account of the depths of the human and divine spirit, Out Of The Shadows is highly recommended reading for any member of the Christian community having to deal with the insidious deceptions of religious cults.

    Bookwatch, June 2002
    Midwest Book Review