Christ in the Early Christian HymnsChrist in the Early Christian Hymns
Daniel Liderbach
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From the first days of the church, Christians confessed their faith in Jesus Christ in both theological discussion and in popular hymns of devotion. After the major church councils brought clarification and definition to Christological doctrines, the hymns began to express clearly this belief in Jesus as truly God and truly human. Now Father Liderbach shows that pre-Nicean hymns inductively held in tension both the full humanity of Jesus and his more-than-human staus. Then during the councils from Nicea to Chalcedon, deductive doctrine held sway in the new hymn compositions. But the final definition by the Chalcedon encouraged new hymns in which humanity and divinity are once again held in experiential tension according to the "rule of faith" of the earliest period.

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I. Christology in Worship
II. The Significance of Hymns: The Rule of Fatih
III. Early Hymns--A Preface to a Dialectical Interpretation of the Meaning of Christ Jesus
IV. The Pre-Nicaean Hymns Concerning Christ and the Belief Expressed in Those Early Hymns
V. The Early Church's Declearations about Christ in Its Hymns
VI. The Development of the Controversies Leading Up to Chalcedon: The Dialectic between Antioch and Alexandria
VII. The Need for Tensive Dialectic to Express Mystery
VIII. The Tensive Approach to Christ Jesus