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International Spy Academy: Agents for the One True God!
Daily Theme Points: Uncovering Counterfeits (Elijah), Finding Fingerprints (Jesus' Baptism), Cracking Codes (Moses & Burning Bush), Collecting Clues (Gospel Presentation), Hot on the Trail (The Greatest Commandment)
Bible Translation: NKJV & KJV (Student Guides and Special Agent Handbooks available in either NKJV or KJV. Memory Verse Posters are reversible NKJV / KJV.)
Ages: Toddler to Preteen (Ages 2 - 12), plus Teen - Adult Bible Study also available.
Music Select from Contemporary Music, Traditional Music featuring Patch the Pirate, or the new JumpStart3 Scripture Songs.

Grab your spy gear and head overseas to train children to become special agents for the one true God! Kids follow fun mysteries and Bible-based apologetics learning to know, love, and live for God. They will uncover clues leading them to understand God as the creator of all who calls people from every tribe and nation to know Him through faith in Jesus Christ.

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