God in the DockGod in the Dock
C.S. Lewis
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Lewis, who considered himself a layman writing for other laypeople, had a unique ability to make the essential truths of Christianity understandable to any audience. His amazing gift for communication made him one of the most well-read and effective Christian apologists of the twentieth century. God in the Dock is one of the best looks at the broad spectrum of Lewis' apologetic efforts, as it is a compilation of 48 essays and 12 letters on topics as varied as science and Christianity, religion, Christmas, and more.

Editor Walter Hooper, a friend and colleague of Lewis, has done an incredible job in pulling together numerous essays and letters never before published in book form. He has even found (and included) one essay which has never been published before. The result is a fascinating amalgamation of works that are eminently readable and enjoyable. Depending on the audience and context, Lewis' style ranges from scholarly to streetwise, and he effortlessly adapts his style to whatever audience he may be speaking to. Despite the range of topics and styles, these essays present an articulate cohesiveness.

This book is divided into four sections. Section one contains essays that are considered purely theological, including "Christian Apologetics," "Myth Become Fact," "The Trouble with 'X'..." and many others. Section two contains essays which are, in the words of Hooper, "semi-theological," including "Dangers of National Repentance," "On the Reading of Old Books," "God in the Dock" and others. Section three is primarily ethical essays, including "First and Second Things," "The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment," "Xmas and Christmas" and others. Section four includes 12 of Lewis' letters, in the order they were published in various publications.

Eminently practical, and always focused on the reality of living Christianity well, God in the Dock stands as one of the best defenses of Christianity made by Lewis. Its broad spectrum shows Lewis to be, as Hooper states in the preface, "the most thoroughly converted man I have ever met," for there was no aspect of Lewis' life that was untouched by his Christian faith. This collection of essays and letters can help make that true of your life as well.

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Preface by Walter Hooper7
1Evil and God21
3Dogma and the Universe38
4Answers to Questions on Christianity48
5Myth Became Fact63
6'Horrid Red Things'68
7Religion and Science72
8The Laws of Nature76
9The Grand Miracle80
10Christian Apologetics89
11Work and Prayer104
12Man or Rabbit?108
13On the Transmission of Christianity114
13'Miserable Offenders'120
15The Founding of the Oxford Socratic Club126
16Religion Without Dogma?129
17Some Thoughts147
18'The Trouble with "X"...'151
19What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?156
20The Pains of Animals161
21Is Theism Important?172
22Rejoinder to Dr Pittenger177
23Must Our Image of God Go?184
1Dangers of National Repentance189
2Two Ways with the Self193
3Meditation on the Third Commandment196
4On the Reading of Old Books200
5Two Lectures208
6Meditation in a Toolshed212
8The Decline of Religion218
10Modern Translations of the Bible229
11Priestesses in the Church?234
12God in the Dock240
13Behind the Scenes245
14Revival or Decay?250
15Before We Can Communicate254
2First and Second Things278
3The Sermon and the Lunch282
4The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment287
5Xmas and Christmas301
6What Christmas Means to Me304
7Delinquents in the Snow306
8Is Progress Possible?311
9We Have No 'Right to Happiness'317