New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity Volume FourNew Documents Illustrating Early Christianity Volume Four
S.R. Llewelyn
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This fourth volume of New Documents Illustrating Christianity reviews and reproduces a generous sample of Greek Papyri and inscriptions which were first published or reissued in 1979. A particular focus is provided by the several thousand inscriptions from Ephesos published in collected form between 1979 and 1984. As with previous volumes in the series, translations are included along with discussion on points of historical and philological interest relating to the New Testament or to the early history of Christianity. A Judaica section is also included. Some notable entries are: some asiarchs of Ephesos, cannibalism at Alexandria, encouragement to a philosopher, holy days in honour of Artemis, census returns and household structures, Jewish renovation of an amphitheatre, an archisynagogos of Corinth?, a Jewish family from Egypt, in Rome, Sophia, 'the second Phoibe', and beloved brothers.

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List of Entries
Explanation of Format
A. New Testament Context (1-38)
B. Minor Philological Notes (39-102)
C. Biblical and Related Citations (103-109)
D. Judaiaca (110-119)
E. Ecclesiastica (120-136)
F. Varia (137-41)

1. Biblical Passages
2. Words
3. Subjects
4. ECL, Patristic and Jewish Writers
5. Text discussed.