New Dictionary of Biblical TheologyNew Dictionary of Biblical Theology
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The best single-volume reference work on biblical theology available. Editors T. Desmond Alexander, Brian S. Rosner, D.A. Carson, and Graeme Goldsworthy have compiled an invaluable resource on biblical theology, covering its history, the challenges it faces, what it is, and more. Biblical books and themes are looked at both individually and corporately, offering one of the most comprehensive introductions on the market.

Drawing from an extensive list of contributors , this book includes numerous general articles on biblical theology, covering topics like the canon of Scripture, biblical history, the university and diversity of Scripture, and others. It also contains articles looking at the theology and setting of the biblical corpora and individual books (reading them on their own terms). These articles are considered the analysis portion of this book. The synthesis of the various books into a cohesive whole is undertaken in the section on biblical themes, an extensive, alphabetically arranged section covering themes like sin, atonement, redemption, salvation, etc.

With 850 jam-packed pages, and extensive cross-referencing, the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology will quickly become a well-respected standard for biblical theology reference works. Each article contains a bibliography for further research, and each contributor is well-versed in their respective topics. This is an outstanding reference work that truly belongs in all reference libraries, and on the desk of all interested in biblical theology.

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How to use this Dictionaryix
List of contributorsxvi
Part One: Introduction
Biblical theology3
History of biblical theology11
Challenges to biblical theology20
The canon of Scripture27
Biblical history43
Exegesis and hermeneutics52
Unity and diversity of Scripture64
New Testament use of the Old Testament72
Relationship of the Old Testament and New Testament81
Systematic theology and biblical theology89
Preaching and biblical theology104
Part Two: Biblical Corpora and Books
Genesis to Kings115
Wisdom books120
Prophetic books122
Synoptic Gospels126
The Johannine writings132
Articles on individual books140
Part Three: Biblical Themes365
Index of articles865