Could I Have This Dance?, Claire McCall Series #1Could I Have This Dance?, Claire McCall Series #1
Harry Kraus M.D.
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The pressures of a medical internship. The mystery of a genetic disease. A malpractice suit. A shaky engagement. A threat on her life. Claire McCall has been fighting the odds all her life---but now secrets from the past could destroy her dreams of becoming a surgeon. Will her faith in God survive? Will she? 416 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

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Review from the Library Journal

Could I Have This Dance, Kraus, Harry M.D. Zondervan 2002. c. 416 p. ISBN 0-310-24089-1 pap. $12.99

Kraus (Lethal Mercy) draws on his extensive medical knowledge in his sixth novel.  As Dr. Claire McCall enters the toughest residency program for surgeons in the country, her world begins to fall apart.  Although attracted to another resident just as her feelings for her finance have turned ambivalent because she believes he pressured her into intimacy before marriage.  Claire has also lost her closeness with God.  To top things off, a patient admitted to the emergency room exhibits the same symptoms that Claire's father has had for years.  The people in her hometown of Stoney Creek, VA, called it "The Curse" attributed it to alcoholism.  But this patient is diagnosed with Huntington's disease.  As Claire tries to determine whether her father has Huntington's and whether she, in turn, has it, someone else has other reasons to shut Claire up permanently.  A solid, intense thriller heavy on medical terminology, this is for fans of William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn's Deadly Cure.