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The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is the best Study System for every Bible Study need, offering all the tools necessary for fully self-directed study. It provides verse-by-verse access to all the themes and topics of the Bible—allowing you to discover and develop Scriptural principles that apply directly to your own life or ministry situation.

With 75 departments of Helps, over 7,000 topics, and over 100,000 references, there is no commentary, no denominational bias, and no personal opinion found in a Thompson Chain-Reference Bible. It allows the Scripture to interpret itself by chaining you from verse to verse on a particular topic. This is the purest and most genuine study of God's Word—free from outside influence.

The Special Limited Centennial Edition contains a presentation page with a letter from CEO Marshall Gage, and a brief history of the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible.

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The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is available in many different translations, sizes, and styles. Browse the listings below to choose the one that is right for you!


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