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Frank Peretti talks about
The Veritas Project: Nightmare Academy

Q.     Describe The Veritas Project: Nightmare Academy in 100 words or less.

Nightmare Academy is the second book in The Veritas Project Series. The theme deals specifically with the existence of truth Ė a challenge against the post-modern idea that there is no absolute truth and that truth is relative. Without giving away the story, Iíll say that Nightmare Academy deals with a secret experiment in which runaways are plucked right off the street, bused to a hidden academy in the woods, and placed in an environment where truth doesnít exist. The purpose is to find out if you can erase truth from a personís mind.

Q.     What was the most interesting or challenging part to write?

The hardest part of writing Nightmare Academy is melting down such a complex issue into simple story terms. The notes I wrote in brainstorming about this book take up more pages than the book itself! There are so many issues, angles, and topics to examine about right and wrong, the basis of truth, and the foundation we build our morals on. Handling all those subject matters can become very complex. Reducing it to a workable story is the challenge.

Q.     Why did you write The Veritas Project and specifically Nightmare Academy?

The underlying purpose of The Veritas Project series is to equip young people to discern truth and confront the popular notion of relativism Ė post-modernism, if you will. Iím trying to fight current thinking that there are no absolutes - believe whatever you want. I want to teach kids to think for themselves and not believe everything they are told. Important worldviews are woven throughout the story to encourage this on ideas such as absolute truth, relativism, fallacy of evolution, etc.

Itís very evident that when mankind supercedes truth, mankindís darker side prevails. The result can be chaos, preying upon the weak, and eventual tyranny. When there is no truth, tyrants will rule. I want to get kids thinking about these issues.

Q.     Is there a message for teens in Nightmare Academy?

The message for teens is that there is such a thing as absolute truth and it can be known. Donít let anyone tell you differently. Relativism is destroying our culture and our families. Kids are being robbed of their very souls. Kids are destroying each other because they have no absolutes. Our society is basically ďanything goesĒ, itís an issue of who has the most power, not who is right. Donít think with your feelings or hear with your eyes. Donít believe everything youíre told because it feels good, has an impressive image, or looks good on television. You must learn to think and challenge these issues and make sure what you are being told really corresponds with reality.

Q.     Will there be another book in The Veritas Project series?

I certainly hope so! Weíll wait and see if readers want more books in the series.