New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity Volume SixNew Documents Illustrating Early Christianity Volume Six
S.R. Llewelyn
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This sixth volume of New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity reviews and reproduces a sample of Greek papyri and inscriptions which were first published or reissued in 1980 and 1981. The focus of attention has shifted somewhat from that of previous volumes in the series, with greater emphasis being placed on social history. The sixth volume selects documents illustrating family relations, slavery, the Roman administration and army, medicine and magic. Text andtranslation are now printed facing each other on thepage. Full indexes are also provided. The new editor, Stephen Llewelyn, is engaged as a Macquarie University Research Fellow to continue production of the New Documents series. His doctoral dissertation was in the area of the Synoptic Problem and the application of statistical methods to solve it.

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List of Works Read
Textual Sigla

The Family

1. Paul's Advice on Marriagenad the Changing Understanding of Marriage in Antiquity
2. A Woman's Behaviour - E. A. Judge
3. Women in Public Life - R. A. Kearsley
4. The Allotment after Death and Paul's Metaphor of Inheritance
5. The Revocation of Wills and Gal.3.15

Slaves and Masters

6. The Sale of a Slave-Girl: The New Testament's Attitude to Slavery
7. A Petition Concerning a Runaway: Paul's Letter to Philemon
8. 'He give authority to his slaves, to each his work...' Mark 13.34
9. 'If you can gain your freedom': Manumission and 1Cor.7.21
10. The Slave of God (Rom.6.22) and Sacral Manumission
11. Manumission in Thessaly and at Delphi

Business Transactions

12. 'Even the winds and the waves obey him' Matt.8.27: Acts of God in Shipping Contracts
13. Slef-Help and Legal Redress: The Parable of the Wicket Tenants
14. 'Having cancelled the bond which stood against us': Col.2.14 and the Cheirographon

Roman Administration

15. 'And everyone went to his own town to register' Luke 2.3
16. The Provincial Census and Jesus' Birth in Bethelehem
17. The Preservation of Status and its Testing
18. Petitions, Social Historyand the Language of Request

The Army

19. Name and Status: A Veteran seeks Tax Exemption
20. Claudius Lysias (acts 22) and the Question of Paul's Roman Citizenship
21. A Soldier's Letter Home
22. The Size of the Roman Garrison in Jerusalem


23. The Goliath Family at Jericho - R.A. Kearsley
24. A Work Contract of Jewish Soliders


25. Ammonios to Apollonios (P. Oxy. XLII 3057): The Earliest Christian Letter on Papyrus?
26. The Epitaph of Aberkios: The Earliest Christian Inscription? - R.A. Kearsley
27. Monastic Orthodoxy and the Papyu of the Nag Hammadi Cartonnage

Magic, Medicine, and Cults

28. Ailments and Remedies - R.A. Kearsley
29. The Mysteries of Artemis at Ephesus - R.A. Kearsley
30. Ephesus: Neokoros of Artemis - R.A. Kearsley
31. Angels in Asia Minor: The Cult of Hosios and Dikaios - R.A. Kearsley
32. Acts 14.13: The Temple Just Outside the City - R.A. Kearsley


Statistical Tables


Greek and LAtin Writers
Papyri and Osraca
Old Testament, Qumran and Rabbinic Literature
New Testament