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QuickVerse Bible Suite Edition contains 9 of the most popular Bible translations and 131 reference works to provide you with the most complete in-depth Biblical research product on the market.  Commentaries, concordances, Bible dictionaries, maps and devotionals are just a sample of the references that will be at your fingertips to make your experience informative and enjoyable.

System Requirements
  • Windows Requirements
    • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32 and 64 bit compatible
    • Pentium III with 500 MHz (or equivalent), or higher
    • 500 MB of RAM
    • 1.5 – 5 GB (varies with each edition)
    • DVD-ROM
  • Macintosh Requirements
    • Leopard OS X 10.5 or higher
    • Intel Macs Only (Not compatible with G4 or G5 processors)
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 200 MB free hard drive space


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  • American Standard Version
  • English Standard Version
  • God's Word
  • Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • King James Version
  • New King James Version
  • New Living Translation
  • Weymouth New Testament
  • Young's Literal Translation


  • 365-Day Devotional Commentary
  • An Exposition of the Epistle of James
  • Barnes' Notes on the New Testament
  • Bible History Old Testament
  • Bullinger's Commentary on Revelation
  • Commentary on Acts of the Apostles
  • Romans Verse-by-Verse
  • Four-Fold Gospel
  • Hodge's Commentary on 1 Corinthians
  • Hodge's Commentary on 2 Corinthians
  • Hodge's Commentary on Ephesians
  • Hodge's Commentary on Romans
  • JFB Commentary
  • Luther's Commentary on Galatians
  • Luther's Commentary on Peter and Jude
  • Matthew Henry Commentary
  • The Apocalypse
  • The People's New Testament Commentary
  • Treasury of David


  • AMG Encyclopedia of Bible Facts
  • Easton's Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  • Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names
  • Smith's Bible Dictionary

Greek and Hebrew

  • Strong's Concordance
  • Talking Strongs Greek Hebrew Dictionary
  • Vincent's Word Studies in the NT


  • Complete Book of Everyday Christianity
  • Handbook of Personal Evangelism
  • Hitchcock's Analysis of the Bible
  • How to Apply the Bible

History and Culture

  • Complete Works of Josephus
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs
  • Manners and Customs of Bible Lands
  • History of the Jewish Nation
  • Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
  • Paul of Tarsus
  • St. Paul the Traveler
  • Tabernacle of Israel
  • The Law of the Offerings
  • The Letters to the Seven Churches in Asia
  • The Temple
  • Was Christ Born in Bethlehem?

Topical/Cross Reference

  • Nave's Topical Bible
  • Torrey's  New Topical Textbook
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


  • Complete Works of James Arminius
  • Finney's Systematic Theology
  • Great Doctrines of the Bible
  • Hodge's Systematic Theology
  • Institutes of Christian Religion
  • The Sovereignty of God

Christian Classic Works

  • A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
  • Absolute Surrender
  • Be Perfect
  • Complete Works of E M Bounds
    • Power Through Prayer
    • Prayer and Praying Men
    • Purpose in Prayer
    • The Essentials of Prayer
    • The Necessity of Prayer
    • The Possibilities of Prayer
    • The Realities of Prayer
    • The Weapon of Prayer
  • Confessions of St Augustine
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Divine Healing
  • God of all Comfort by  - Hannah Whitall Smith
  • Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
  • Holiness
  • How To Obtain Fullness Of Power
  • How to Pray
  • Humility
  • Imago Christi
  • In His Steps - Charles Sheldon
  • Ministry of Intercession
  • On the Incarnation
  • Paradise Lost and Regained - John Milton
  • Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan
  • Practicing of the Patience of God - Brother Lawrence
  • Prayer Availeth Much
  • Quiet Talks about Jesus
  • Quiet Talks about Our Lord's Return
  • Quiet Talks about the Crowned Christ of Revelation
  • Quiet Talks about the Tempter
  • Quiet Talks on Following the Christ
  • Quiet Talks on Home Ideals
  • Quiet Talks on John's Gospel
  • Quiet Talks on Power
  • Quiet Talks on Prayer
  • Quiet Talks on Service
  • Quiet Talks on the Healing Christ
  • Quiet Talks with World Winners
  • The Children For Christ
  • The Deeper Christian Life
  • The Great Commandment Principle
  • The Holy War
  • The Imitation of Christ
  • The Journal of John Wesley
  • The Lord's Table
  • The New Life
  • The Prayer Life
  • The School of Obedience
  • The Secret of Guidance
  • The True Vine
  • The Two Covenants
  • Training of the Twelve
  • Waiting On God
  • With Christ in the School of Prayer

Explorer Guides

  • Explore Biblical Genealogies
  • Explore Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus
  • Explore the Laws of the Bible
  • Explore the Life of Jesus

Maps and Photos

  • Bible Maps
  • Dore's Woodcuts
  • Parsons Bible Atlas
  • Parsons Bible Pictures
  • Biblical Illustrator Bible Photos


  • Daily Light on the Daily Path
  • Daily Strength for Daily Needs
  • Facts of the Matter
  • Joy and Strength
  • Morning and Evening

Study Bibles

  • Disciples Study Bible
  • Scofield Reference Bible

Study Helps

  • Guide to Bible Study
  • Psalms
  • The Methods of Bible Study
  • Why Four Gospels?
  • The Acts of the Holy Spirit
  • The Way into the Holiest


  • Outline of Bible History


  • Christian View of God and the World
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