Embassy for the Christians, Resurrection of the Dead  (Ancient Christian Writers)Embassy for the Christians, Resurrection of the Dead (Ancient Christian Writers)
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Athenagoras of Athens belonged to that select group of Christian laymen in the second century known as the Apologists, who supported the successors of the Apostles in the ministry of the faith by defending that faith and pleading for a just hearing before the pagan majority and pagan overlords.

This volume is an annotated English translation of his works, Embassy for the Christians and the Resurrection of the Dead.

The Ancient Christian Writers series features translations of the works of the Fathers.


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The Life of Athenagoras
Analysis of the 'Embassy'
Analysis of the 'Resurrection'
The Platonism of Athenagoras
The Trinitarian Doctrine of Athenagoras
Athenagoras and the Liturgy


Embassy for the Christians
The Resurrection of the Dead


List of Abbreviations
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To the 'Embassy'
To the 'Resurrection'