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Scholastic Success With Grammar, Grade 2Scholastic Success With Grammar, Grade 2
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Overcoming challenges can help kids to not only improve their academic skills, but gain self-confidence as well. Scholastic's Success with Grammar provides additional practice for exclamations and commands, common nouns, capitalization of names and places, verbs, pronouns, types of sentences, word order, adjectives, verbs to be, go and do, quotation marks, subject/verb agreement, and more. Simple, fun worksheets are quick to do and feature a variety of activities. 64 reproducible pages, softcover. Grade 2. Answer key included.

Primary Phonics Workbook 5Primary Phonics Workbook 5
Barbara W. Makar
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Workbook 5 reviews concepts taught in previous Primary Phonics workbooks and introduces additional vowel combinations, the qu combination, the three sounds of y, and special sounds and patterns for the letter a (i.e., water, ball, and palm). It also teaches the long vowel at the end of a syllable found in such words as, be, we, so, and no. Grade 2. 80 pages, softcover.

Learning About Simple Machines Gr. 1-3Learning About Simple Machines Gr. 1-3
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Acquaint your students not only with a variety of motion and machine experiments, but also with the scientific thinking that produced many of them. Activities start with a question, and include a materials needed list, step-by-step procedure and a conclusion. A second page reiterates the question, asking the students to fill in a report with their guess, what they did, saw and learned; and includes room for them to draw a picture of what it looked like. Answer key included. 96 classroom reproducible pages, softcover. Grades 1-3.


Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction, Grades 5-8Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction, Grades 5-8
Cindy Barden
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The Mark Twain American History workbook series provides students in grades 5-8 with opportunities to explore important events in our country's past and learn about the people who made American history. Perfect for supplementing a textbook-based course or as an accompaniment to a unit study, a variety of exercises fit with diverse learning styles.

Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction covers the events that led up to the Civil War, Lincoln's presidency, slavery, Reconstruction, and other concepts through critical thinking, writing, and historical-concept exercises. Bolded vocabulary, time lines, map activities, and suggested reading provide an integrated approach to workbook-learning. 122 reproducible pages, softcover. Answer key included. Grades 5-8.

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