Transformed for Life: How to Know God Better and Love Him MoreTransformed for Life: How to Know God Better and Love Him More
Derek Prince
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Are you walking tall in God's promises, or still creeping along? Experience transformation as you examine six aspects of Christianity---God's love, atonement, suffering, fatherhood, the Holy Spirit, and blessings and curses. Previously published as six booklets: Extravagant Love, The Divine Exchange, Who Is the Holy Spirit?, Life's Bitter Pool, Fatherhood, and From Curse to Blessing. 224 pages, softcover from Baker.

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    Part 1       EXTRAVAGANT LOVE

    1. The Treasure in the Field
    2. The Pearl of Great Value
    3. Jesus Paid the Full Price
    4. The Total Inheritance
    5. Returning Extravagant Love

    Part 2       THE DIVINE EXCHANGE

    6. What Is the Divine Exchange?
    7. Aspects of the Exchange
    8. Responding to God's Provision

    Part 3       WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT?

    9. A Person - and Not A Person
    10. Eternal, Omniscient, Omnipresent
    11. Self-effacing Servant, Consuming Fire
    12. The Spirit of Truth
    13. The Gifts of the Spirit
    14. The Fruit of the Spirit

    Part 4       LIFE'S BITTER POOL

    15. Lessons from the Pool
    16. The Purpose of Testing
    17. The Healing Tree
    18. The Lord Our Healer
    19. Death Before Resurrection

    Part 5       FATHERHOOD

    20. The Fatherhood of God
    21. The Father As a Priest
    22. The Father As a Prophet
    23. The Father As a King
    24. When Fathers Fail
    25. Christ Was Made a Curse
    26. Nature of Blessings and Curses
    27. How to Recognize a Curse
    28. What Causes Blessings or Curses?
    29. How to Pass from Curse to Blessing
    30. The Process of Release
    31. The Prayer of Release

    Appendix 1: By This I Overcome the Devil
    Appendix 2: Confession for Overcomers
    Appendix 3: Declaration of Confidence in God's Protection
    Appendix 4: Proclamations on Behalf of Israel

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    Scripture Index

    Excerpted from Transformed for Life by Derek Prince
    Baker Books, 2002
    All rights reserved.