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Breathe It In 2013 VBS by MennoMedia.

Theme: God Gives Life!
Bible Translation: New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

Breathe It In invites children in early childhood (Preschool) through Grade 5 to discover the life-giving breath of God! (Additional ideas to adapt to Grades 6-8 are included.) Through Bible stories of breath and wind, children explore how God's own breath was used to create people, and how the wind of the Spirit helped the young church to grow. As they participate in lively worship, music, Bible memory, and creative response activities (snacks & crafts), children will understand that God is the giver of life and is present with us all the time.


Breathe It In Daily Themes (and Bible Story):
Day 1: Breathe in Life (Adam / Genesis 2:4-9)
Day 2: Breathe in Hope (Ezekiel Dry Bones / Ezekiel 37:1-10)
Day 3: Breathe in Courage (Jesus Walking on Water / Matthew 14:22-33)
Day 4: Breathe in Wisdom (Build on the solid rock / Matthew 7:24-27)
Day 5: Breathe in New Life (Pentecost / Acts 2:1-6; 38-42)


Sample Crafts

Five Day Overview


The standard daily schedule for Breathe It In is 2 hours
and suggested adjustments for 90 minutes and 60 minutes are also provided.

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Breathe It In Starter Kit includes:

  • Leader Resources: (2 copies each of the following)
    • Director’s Guide
    • Worship and Drama Guide
    • Active Response Guide (Games: 4 game options per day)
    • Bible Response Guide (Bible story and Student Books for Grades 1-5)
    • Creative Response Guide (snacks and crafts: 4 or 5 options per day provided)
    • Early Childhood Learner’s Guide (4 year-olds to Kindergarten)
  • Music Resources: Song CD and Songbook
  • Bible Memory Poster (17” x 22”)
  • Student Resources: Take a Breath Student Book (Grades 1-5) and My Book of Stories (Early Childhood)
  • Promotional Resources: Invitation Postcard and 2 Promotional Posters (11” x 17”)

*Note* This VBS does not require purchase of many additional items for a successful program. Each child does require one Take a Breath Student Book (Grades 1-5) or My Book of Stories (age 4 through the completion of kindergarten). However, craft suggestions in the Creative Response Guide use common supplies (paint, construction paper, bubbles, yarn, etcetera) and do not require additional purchase from the publisher. Churches that prefer to include visuals during worship can download a slide show from the publisher or use your own media ministry worship backgrounds. The dramas tell the story of a grandfather and grandchild on a camping trip whose life experiences reinforce the theme of the day. Its staging is simple and props include basic camping gear. Thus, this is a good consideration for a church on a limited budget.


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