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Lower the drawbridge! Open the gates! Get ready to charge into a time filled with kings, kingdoms, and majestic castles! Amidst the pages of The Kingdom Chronicles, your knights and fair maidens learn to Stand Strong in the Battle for Truth and:

  • Discover that we’re involved in a battle between two kingdoms—the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the Enemy;
  • Understand how they can become citizens of God’s heavenly kingdom;
  • Learn to prepare for battle by wearing the full armor of God daily;
  • Be equipped to serve and obey our heavenly Commander—the King of kings;
  • Determine to train their brains to know, memorize, and obey God’s Word!

Prepare to put on the full armor of God so you can stand strong in the battle for truth!
Get ready for a royally fun time at The Kingdom Chronicles!

Bible Translation: NKJV with Contemporary Music or KJV with Traditional Music.
Ages: Toddlers to Pre-Teens (2 - 12 years old), including a Special Needs / Special Education component.


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