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Duke And The Great Pie War/Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen, Double Feature DVDDuke And The Great Pie War/Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen, Double Feature DVD

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Duke And The Great Pie War - Royalty, romance, and the story of Ruth---all mixed together to teach biblical truth! Duke Duke, the courageous cuke, risks his life to help Princess Petunia and her mother-in-law, Nona (Madame Blueberry)---and learns that real love means always thinking of others first. Includes the tale of Miriam (Laura Carrot) and Moses, plus the newest silly song, "Larry Sings the Blues." Approx. 30 minutes.

Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen - Lights! Camera! Action! VeggieTales proudly presents the story of the servant girl who became queen. When evil Haman tries to get rid of Esther's cousin and friends, it's up to Esther to rescue them. Set in ancient Persia with a Casablanca twist, this hilarious Bible story packs lots of laughs while it teaches kids about faith, loyalty, and courage. Approx. 30 minutes.



Gideon: Tuba Warrior/King George & The Ducky, Double Feature DVDGideon: Tuba Warrior/King George & The Ducky, Double Feature DVD

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Gideon: Tuba Warrior - Tu-ba or not tu-ba? Based on the biblical story of Gideon, this hilarious, inspiring tale of an undefeated army of 30,000 excessively hairy and malevolent pickles stars Larry the Cucumber---whose expertise on the tuba hardly translates into warrior wisdom! How will Gideon and his puny recruits defeat their "dilly" of a foe? Approx. 45 minutes.

King George & The Ducky - Trouble's a-brewing in the Veggie empire! The pompous cucumber King George makes a huge blunder when he declares that the most important person in the world is . . . well, himself! Feelings are hurt. Will he learn the importance of putting other people first---before it's too late? Don't miss the latest adventure from Larry, Bob, and Junior. Approx. 30 minutes.



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