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Life of Jesus: Small Group Bible Study

What really happened back in the first century that changed the shape of world history? Who is this figure that emerges from history to have a profound impact on culture, ethics, politics and philosophy? Come with historian John Dickson on this six-session journey entitled Life of Jesus, and explore the extraordinary life of Jesus the Messiah. Filmed on location in Israel, the this small group study covers Jesus life and teh questions that inevitably arise about him in historical detail.

This small group Bible study and offers a downloadable PDF and 12 downloadable MP4 videos. 
Each of these may be purchased separately. You may also purchase all the video sessions together in a video bundle, or all of the PDF participant's guides together in a bundle. You may also purchase all of the videos and PDF participant's guides together in a complete kit. The group use PDFs cover each of the video sessions and can be reproduced for all members of your group.