Heroes Unmasked Fall Festival KitHeroes Unmasked Fall Festival Kit
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Try this VBS-style program as a great Halloween alternative. Offer your church children a Biblical fall festival more meaningful than mere games, costumes and candy. With Heroes Unmasked, you can help kids have tons of fun and learn all about some of the Bible's mightiest champions. Bible heroes Daniel, David, Elijah, Esther, Noah, Moses, and Jesus help you share the love of God with children.

This kit gives you everything you need to plan, promote, and pull off your church's fall festival event:
  • 5 Leader Guides: Director Guide, Outreach Guide, Games Guide, Setup Guide, and Preschool Guide
  • 1 Resource CD: full of resources and decorations to make your event a success
  • 1 Recruiting DVD: with commercials to build kids' interest and generate volunteers for Heroes Unmasked
  • 1 Sample Set of Bible Hero Cards
  • 1 Sample comic book (Jesus: The Greatest Superhero)
  • 1 Goody Bag filled with a sample of each of these gizmos used at different booths: Rubber Chicken, Create-a-Mask, Twisty Launcher, Silly Spheres, Bongo Stick, Glow Cross
At your Heroes Unmasked fall fest, kids will:
  • Collect Bible Hero Cards at carnival-style game booths
  • Have their photos taken behind fun hero posters
  • Decorate a superhero mask
  • Decorate cookies
  • Receive an interactive comic book that shares Jesus' love in a compelling way and
  • Interact in the "Secrets of the Empty Cave" drama and hear the gospel message.
There is also a puppet show just for preschoolers, plus special games options for little ones.
The Great Tomb Raid: Fall FestThe Great Tomb Raid: Fall Fest
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Draw families from your community to an amazing event where they’ll experience surprising things Jesus did such as calming a stormy sea, walking on water, raising people from the dead…and how Jesus brought himself back from the dead, making him the Greatest Tomb Raider of all!

Easy Prep: Step-by-step planning guides for five primary leaders.
Bible Fun: Hand out more than candy – share the gospel message!
Easy Follow-Up: Proven outreach plan has families eager to return to your church.
The Great Tomb Raid Fall Fest Starter Kit includes everything you need to plan a fun-filled event!

Program Resources:
  • Director Manual
  • 4 Leader Guides: Outreach, Setup, Games & Preschool Games
  • Clip Art, Decorating & Sound Effects CD
Outreach & Game Samples:
  • The Great Tomb Raid Collector Cards
  • Follow-Up Foto Frame™
  • Goody Bag
  • Finger Launcher
  • Floating Feet
  • Glow Cross Necklace

essential KIDZ Fall Festival DVDessential KIDZ Fall Festival DVD
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Essential Kidz–Fall Festival...a fun resource for kids worship! This exciting resource-packed product has been created to enhance the worship service planning and experience for Fall Festivals, Autumn Celebrations, Thanksgiving, winter or any other time of the year! Today's culture is visually driven, and we've developed this resource with the desire to help your children experience the message of the Gospel with the best visual tools available. We've packaged a DVD along with a disc containing MPEG versions of these videos for you to load into your favorite projection software and launch at a moments notice!!

The many features include:

•Praise& Worship–8 great songs kids love to sing with exciting visuals and complete on-screen lyrics. These songs range from a great mix of upbeat, slow and a few just plain silly songs. Both the full-mix and split-track audio versions have been included for each. Songs include: Indescribable, The Butterfly Song, Forever, Thankful Heart, Autumn's a Song, Shut De Do, God Is Bigger and The Coloring Song.

•Countdowns–As a way of letting your chlidren and adults know when your event (worship service, Fall Festival, etc.) is about to begin, we've included two cool visual and audio countdowns (5 minute and 2 minute versions). For instance, if your event begins at 10:00, then begin the 5 minute countdown at 9:55 and everyone will be ready to begin when you are! We've included both Fall and Winter themes for both countdown lengths.

•Mini Musical and Song Vignettes–To help you present the Gospel with an even greater impact during your Fall special events, we have included a mini musical (requiring minimal rehearsal) as well as several song vignettes (individual song presentations).

•Segment Title Screens–Your worship service and event may contain several different segments. We've built title screens just for those moments with both Fall and Winter designs. Project these cool screens to engage your kids for each moment in your service! Screens include: Praise & Worship, Game Time, Tithes & Offerings, Memory Verse, Prayer Time, Quiet Time and Story Time. To help your children realize the importance of each of these moments, we've included a Scripture on each screen to enforce the biblical purpose for each.
Buzz Mini Kit: Gross Me Out (Grades 3 & 4)Buzz Mini Kit: Gross Me Out (Grades 3 & 4)
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Sample the Buzz curriculum with this three week Mini Kit. In Gross Me Out third- and fourth-graders dig into three strange and gross stories from the Bible: Jesus healing a blind man with mud made from spit, Naaman's yucky skin disease, and Ezekiel's strange behavior.

Buzz is the instant Sunday school where all teachers prepare is their heart. This curriculum is volunteer-friendly because if it's in the lesson, it's in the box. Teachers follow the lesson step by step experiencing God's Word together with the children. Kids like it because they participate in choosing activities so every week is different. Also, Buzz brings attention to Bible stories less often told in children's ministry and keeps their attention with biblical accounts they've not heard before.