Music and Ministry: A Biblical Counterpoint, Updated EditionMusic and Ministry: A Biblical Counterpoint, Updated Edition
Calvin Johansson
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Contemporary or traditional? Blended or seeker? Pop or "classical"? Chorus or hymn? Combination or organ? Many churches find themselves mired in debate over which type of worship music to use.

In Music and Ministry: A Biblical Counterpoint, Calvin Johansson looks to God's Word for principles foundational to music ministry. In this updated resource, Johansson addresses pastoral, theological, and musical concerns in a comprehensive discussion of this topic. He challenges pastors and choir directors to reflect seriously on the biblical principles foundational to music ministry. Weaving together great scriptural truths, he establishes the need for a "directional balance" between pastoral contextualization and prophetic purity. In a time of facile musical accommodation of the gospel to culture, Dr. Johansson suggests that a heightened concern for musical style and quality is in order not for the sake of music, but for the sake of the gospel.


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1 Philosophical Perspectives
Biblical Counterpoint

2 The Doctrine of Creation
Creation, Dependence, and Independence
The Natural world and Form
Creatio continua and the Church
Church Nurture of Creativity
Summary: Creative Worth and a Church Imperative

8 Mystery and Awe
Music and Mystery
Truth and Musical Composition
Beyond the Explicitness of Words
Imparting a Sense of Mystery

3 The Imago Dei
The Broad Imago Dei
The Narrow Imago Dei
Summary: Musical Imaging

4 The Incarnation
Pastoral Humility and Love
Communication: Relevance
Communication: Form and Content
Implicit Communication

5 The Gospel and Contemporary Culture
Gospel Characteristics
Pop Culture
The Church and Pop Culture
The Church and Pop Music
Truth and Methods
Folk Music and Jazz
Summary and an Urgent Theological Resolve

6 Faith
The Wholeness of the Christian Life
Intellectual and Emotional Imbalances in Church Music
Faith Action and Tendency Gratification
Summary and Congregational Methodology

7 Stewardship
Motivations for Stewardship
Stewardship's Scope
Doing One's Best - Principle One
Some Dangers
Growth - Principle Two
Church Music Education
A Contrapuntal Stewardship

8 Conclusion
The Crucifixion
The Resurrection
A Contrapuntal Dynamic