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Grow, Proclaim, Serve! Curriculum Information

Grow, Proclaim, Serve!

As children grow in mind and body, they also grow in heart and soul. Grow, Proclaim, Serve! spiritually nourishes children from birth through tweens in faith so they can proclaim the good news of God's love and serve God and neighbor. Grow, Proclaim, Serve! is dedicated to helping your Sunday school class develop the necessary skills to unlock Bible messages that will grow their faith by leaps and bounds!


  • Bible Translation: CEB
  • Timeframe: 60 minutes, with additional material to extend time.
  • Grades: Infants through Grade 6
  • Ages: Newborns to Preteens (birth - 12 years)
  • Preschool to Older Elementary Scope & Sequence 2014-2015
  • Formats: Classroom setting (young children), Large Group / Small Group children's church format, plus One Room Sunday School for small churches are all available in this curriculum.
  • If you have used Rock Solid, Live B.I.G, or Rock-A-Bye curriculum, see this conversion chart for which Grow, Proclaim, Serve! resources you will need.

Grow Proclaim Serve!

Scope & Sequence (1 Year)

Poster Sample

Ministry Pak Contents

Key Features:
  • 16 pages of full-color 11” x 14” posters
  • Leader’s Guide explaining how to use the posters, music suggestions, and finger-plays
  • Free downloadable forms available online


Grow, Proclaim Serve

Scope & Sequence (1 Year)

Leader's Sample

Poster Pak Sample

Picture Card Sample

Toddlers & Twos Desciption



Multi-age children gather in a large group for the Bible story and worship then break into age-level small groups to dig into the Bible and apply the story to their lives.

Key Features:

Grow Proclaim Serve

Grow Proclaim Serve

Ages 3 - 6 Leader's Guide Sample

Ages 7 & Up Leader's Guide Sample

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The solution for small - membership Sunday Schools or anytime you need to hold the interest of older children without going over the heads of younger children. One Room Sunday School Description

Key Features:

  • Learning activities are classified by age level for easy assignment to different aged children
  • Includes crafts, puzzles, coloring pages, games and many more activities
  • Optional DVD tells 13 bible stories in an entertaining way, plus 4 music-and-movement videos (including the theme song) and monthly Bible verses with sign-language demonstration
  • DVDs are available for 2 age groups: 3 – 6 years and 7 & up.

Grow Proclaim Serve

  One Room Sunday School Information 

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