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LIVE On-Line curriculum

LIVE Curriculum is Convenient, Customizable and Cost-Saving.

Every LIVE Curriculum purchase gives you one year of access to the LIVE Engine, which is the curriculum website providing you with web-based tools to adapt three full years of lessons, create calendars and schedules, and communicate easily with teachers and aides. You can easily renew your access to the LIVE Curriculum website annually.

With every purchase of LIVE Children's Curriculum, you also receive the multimedia pack with 3 DVDs and 12 CDs. These contain all 3 years of videos, music and lessons for the curriculum, so if your technology is 'old school' you'll always be able to use it.


  • Format: Large Group / Small Group, Children's Church, or Classroom setting
  • Timeframe: 60 - 90 minutes
  • Grades: Grade 1 through Grade 6
  • 3 Year Scope and Sequence (4 quarters per year, 13 lessons per quarter = 156 lessons in total)
  • Easily Customizable On-Line Curriculum!
  • Economical budget-friendly reproducible pages

Scope & Sequence - Year 1

Scope & Sequence - Year 2

Scope & Sequence - Year 3


Leader Overview

Lesson Sample

Student Handout

Family Devotion


Online Leader Tools

Lighten the administrative load of your Christian education program with easy-to-use online tools that help you communicate, collaborate, schedule, and share–all from one central location.

1. My Calendar

Schedule and share lessons, activities, and events with your leaders.
2. Downloads & Apps

Give leaders access to downloads each week's lesson guide and student materials. iPhone and Android apps are available.

3. My Lessons

Over 150 customizable Sunday School lessons that get kids into the Bible and the Bible into kids.
4. Media Suggestions

Free access to hundreds of songs and videos to use in your lessons. Preview a song before Sunday or stream entire tracks to use during your ministry.

5. My Mail

Stay connected with your team by sending reminders, lesson updates, and words of encouragement.
6. My Files

Upload files you nee to share with your leaders (attendance forms, permission slips, church policies, meeting notices, etc.)


Lesson Format

The suggested lesson structure is given below, but you can rearrange parts, add to or eliminate segments to meet your unique needs. Once you're done, simply distribute it to all your teachers!

1. Welcome

Each lesson starts with a fun welcome activity that allows
kids to build relationships with one another, have some
fun, and begin thinking about the session.
2. Let's Explore

Kids then form multi-age Bible Crews and dig into the Bible. They read, study, do fun activities, and share what they’ve learned.

3. Let's Praise!

Next, kids worship in response to what they’ve learned.
Each week's lesson includes Scripture-based songs
and music videos. Stream the Scripture-based songs or
play them on the DVDs or CDs provided in the MultiMedia Pack.
4. Let's Pray!

Finally, children enjoy a prayer time that is experiential and personal. Kids will want to talk one-on-one with God.

5. Extra Activities

If you have additional time in class these extra
activities are available in each lesson for extended
learning and fun.
6. At Home

Family Devotions from the Student Packet can be printed
out to send home or e-mailed directly to parents.


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