Christian Mission in the Modern WorldChristian Mission in the Modern World
John Stott, Ajith Fernando
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Stott's classic offers a balanced approach to the work of the church that includes both the Great Commission---saving souls---and the Great Commandment---social service. Carefully defining mission, evangelism, dialogue, salvation, and conversion, the eminent evangelical statesman provides a model for ministry to people's spiritual and physical needs alike. 168 pages softcover from InterVarsity.

Helen Barrett Montgomery: The Global Mission of Domestic FeminismHelen Barrett Montgomery: The Global Mission of Domestic Feminism
Kendal P. Mobley

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Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical IntroductionExploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction
Brad Harper, Paul Louis Metzger
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This book is an excellent introduction to the issues facing Evangelical Protestants and their ecclesial communities today. Arguing that evangelical churches are overly individualistic and not centered in communities focused on the Trinity, Harper and Metzger provide compelling ways to change the direction of the American church. They cover topics as diverse as worship, interaction with culture, church discipline, ecology, sacraments, service, church order, and gender roles, and many more. This book will serve as an excellent introduction in classrooms to ecclesiology and is an invaluable resource for pastors, deacons, and influential laity who are rethinking what the church is, and what it should be doing.

Boston's Historic Park Street ChurchBoston's Historic Park Street Church
Garth M. Rosell
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For 200 years the Park Street Church in downtown Boston has been in the forefront of missions, education, and evangelism. Gifted historian Rosell recounts its turning-point events and paints its visionary leaders against a canvas of archival photos. So many ripples have gone out from this powerful center. 192 pages, softcover. Kregel.

Introducing Paul: The Man, His Mission, and His MessageIntroducing Paul: The Man, His Mission, and His Message
Michael F. Bird
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Master theologian, pastoral mentor, spiritual advisor, dedicated missionary---Paul was all of these and more. Diving below the surface, Bird introduces us to a Paul who transcends labels and defies our preconceptions. Animated and penetrating, this fresh study will challenge your assumptions and offer a new understanding of Paul's views on justification and the gospel.

The Acts of the Apostles: Pillar New Testament Commentary [PNTC]The Acts of the Apostles: Pillar New Testament Commentary [PNTC]
David G. Peterson
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The Acts of the Apostles [PNTC] offers a thorough exegesis of the Book of Acts, drawing on recent scholarship in the field of narrative criticism and theological analysis, incorporating insights about historical and social context, and seeking to investigate why Luke presents his material in the way that he does. Providing not only extensive engagement with hermeneutical issues and incorporation of insights on Greco-Roman background, but also guidelines for contemporary application of LukeB's material, The Acts of the Apostles will prove extremely relevant for any preacher or teacher of Luke-Acts.



Christianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first CenturyChristianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first Century
Terry Muck, Frances Adeney
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* Reviewing today's challenging religious climate, Muck and Adeney propose a new model for interacting with other faiths---"giftive mission." They explore practices that characterize sharing the "free gift" of the gospel---including universality, fellowship, localization, and respect; offer illuminating case studies for each theme; and show you how to apply each practice in specific missional settings. 484 pages, softcover from Baker.

Christian Mission: How Christianity Became a World ReligionChristian Mission: How Christianity Became a World Religion
Dana Robert
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The gospels record that Christ commanded his disciples to "go forth and teach all nations". Thus began the history of Christian mission, a phenomenon which brought about massive shifts in the nature and practice of Christianity, and one that many say reflects the single most important movement of intercultural encounter over a sustained period of human history.

To understand Christianity as a global movement, therefore it is essential to study the role of mission-defined as the transmission of the gospel across cultures. Erudite and enlightening, this brief book explores the 2,000 years of mission history, covering topics such as the meaning of the missionary through history, gender and missions, and missions in culture and politics. Given that in the 21st century, Christianity is now largely practiced outside the West, Christian Mission is an inspirational and invaluable resource to broaden our understanding of the nature of Christianity as a truly multi-cultural world religion.



The Gospel in Human Contexts: Anthropological Explorations for Contemporary MissionsThe Gospel in Human Contexts: Anthropological Explorations for Contemporary Missions
Paul G. Hiebert
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While the gospel is timeless truth, it enters into ever-changing and widely varied human contexts. The missionary who desires to meaningfully communicate the gospel to particular humans needs to understand people and the particular influences-social, cultural, psychological, and ecological-that shape them. Further, we must understand ourselves and the influences that have shaped us, since our own contexts influence how we understand and transmit the gospel message. Therefore, we must master not only the skill of biblical exegesis but also the skill of human exegesis. That task is the topic of this book, the summation of a lifetime of experience and thinking by a world-renowned missiologist and anthropologist, the late Paul Hiebert.

As he develops what he terms a "missional theology," Hiebert discusses differing views of contextualization, social identity and how we view "others," developments in anthropological thinking through the years, and the impact of postmodernism and globalization. Seeking to equip the reader for the task of human exegesis, he introduces a systems approach to the task of understanding cultural contexts, discusses practical and helpful research methods, and proposes the paradigm of mission as cultural mediation. Here is valuable insight for students preparing for the mission field.



Lost MissionLost Mission
Athol Dickson
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Buried beneath the poverty-stricken barrios and wealthy enclaves of Southern California, a Spanish mission is uncovered during a construction project---along with evidence of a crime. When four people begin work on unraveling the mystery, they each face a moral dilemma. Will their choices perpetuate the very crime that doomed the mission hundreds of years before? 288 pages, softcover from Howard.

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