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Math Workbooks

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Nearly 200 engaging, age-appropriate lessons designed to help preschoolers explore numbers and beginning math concepts!




Reading & Phonics Workbooks

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This workbook helps children recognize the sounds of letters that begin words, an essential early reading skill. Amusing, full-color illustrations and a variety of easy-to-follow exercises make learning simple and fun!




Language Arts Workbooks

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Primary Writer's Workshop contains everything you need to know to teach the writing process to your young authors-to-be. Each tip and reproducible has been successfully classroom tested and is presented in an accessible, user-friendly format.




Additional Workbooks Grades PreK-K

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Reinforcement activities for basic skills! Help is here for the student who needs extra practice with basic skills, for the accelerated student who enjoys an extra challenge, and for the young learner who is developing basic concepts and readiness skills.




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