Making Scripture Memory Fun
Making Scripture Memory Fun
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Discover Your Kid's Spiritual Gifts
Discover Your Kid's Spiritual Gifts
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How To Study Your Bible for Kids DVD
How To Study Your Bible for Kids DVD
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Prayer for Children

The Lion Book of Best-Loved Prayers

Share with children this collection of over 150 simple yet profound prayers drawn from the great heritage of the Christian faith. Arranged thematically, you'll find both classic and modern prayers that express the joys and challenges of life. Readers will discover an unfolding picture of faith and the loving kindness of God as they go through this warmly illustrated book from beginning to end. It helps children find the words to communicate their own hopes, dreams, and joys as well as sorrows. Recommended for ages 5 to 9.

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Scripture Memorization

Teaching Children Memory Verses, Ages 2-3

Memorize 84 scripture verses with this helpful guide book. Recommended for ages 11 and up, this book features 84 scripture verses in both the King James Version and the English Standard Version with helpful notes in the King James Version. Illustrations and poems are included, as well as helps and directions on how to memorize scripture.

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Teaching Growth to Kids

The Way of the Master for Kids:  Teaching Kids How to Share Their Faith

Raising Kids to Extraordinary Faith is a valuable resource that gives parents and teachers a practical guide for developing Christian virtue in children. Filled with spiritual growth ideas and suggestions for developing a faith-enriched home and church environment, it provides everyone who influences children purposeful advice, spiritual insight, and essential awareness to help them make discipleship the key component of their parenting, teaching, or mentoring.

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Doctrine for Children

Knowing God's Truth: Advanced Christian Concepts for Middle Schoolers

Effectively communicate basic doctrines of the Christian faith to Middle School age children in 52 lessons. Students will be able to:

  • Recite the books of the Old Testament
  • Use a concordance and Bible dictionary
  • Consecrate their lives to God
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance
  • Tell a friend how to be born again
  • Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude
  • Create guidelines to use for making decisions
  • Participate in ministry.

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  • Kids' Devotionals

    God's Alphabet for Life

    Using the alphabet as a guide, this book provides 26 devotional meditations for young children (ages 4-9), based on Bible texts that children can easily memorize. God's Alphabet for Life stresses that, like adults, children must be born again, come by faith and repentance to the Lord Jesus Christ, and live lives of thankfulness to God for His great salvation.

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    A Super Simple Mission Kit: Kids Serving Kids

    Kids Serving Kids is a fully resourced six week children's missions curriculum that opens kids' eyes to the needs of orphans around the world, inspires them to mirror God's compassion, enables kids to minister in practical ways, and emboldens children to follow God's call for The Great Commission. While learning to care for orphans, kids also find biblical answers to the challenging questions, "How do I pray?", "What can I give?", "Where can I go?" and "Who will I serve?"

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