Communion Candle
Communion Candle
CBD Price: $3.99

Brass Candle Socket
Brass Candle Socket
CBD Price: $12.95

Altar Candles
Altar Candles
CBD Price: $11.99

Candlelight Services

Extra Congregation Candles 250

Enhance the meaning and beauty of church ceremonies, prayer vigils, Easter or Christmas services, with candlelight. Specially prepared kits easily accommodate all congregation sizes.

Reusable Candle Holders, Drip Protectors and Kits >

Advent Candles

Set of 4<br /> 12 inch

Advent candle sets available in combinations of purple with 1 pink, or blue with 1 pink to celebrate Advent at church or home.

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Candle Sockets

Brass Candle Socket 2 x 3 In.

Restore candelabra or replace damaged pieces with handmade solid brass candle sockets. Polished by hand and lacquer-sealed for lasting durability and shine, these sockets are maintenance-free for years to come. Available in a wide variety of sizes to fit church candles. Measure the candle sockets in your existing candelabra or altar set to determine the proper size needed. This piece measures 2" x 3" (diameter x height).

Candle Follower

Brass Candle Follower, 3 In.

Handcrafted solid brass candle follower with a shiny gloss has a large liquid cup area for reducing drips and prolonging burning. We offer a variety of wax savers sizes to fit the smallest altar candles to large Paschal candles. Measure the diameter of your candle to determine the proper size candle follower. This piece fits a 3.0" diameter candle.

Specialty Candles

Baptism Candle, Pouring Water

Candles designed specifically for a ceremony or sacrament are treasured keepsakes and make wonderful gifts. 10" Taper

More Specialty Candles > First Communion Supplies >

Flameless Candles

Flameless Tea Light Candles, Box of 2

Flickering LED flameless candles are scented and created to look like a natural wax candle, with irregular edging and real wax finish. LED "flame" inside is battery operated, safe and convenient for home, church, or school. Safe for every special occasion.

Flameless Candles >

Altar Candles

Tube Candles, 9 x 1, with Brasstone Tops, Set of 2

Tube candles with brasstone tops have a concealed spring which feeds a small candle inside the tube into the flame. This provides total burning at constant height, and avoids dripping wax.

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10 in. Brass Candlesticks, Set of 2

The finest 100% solid brass protected with a urethane finish for decades of tarnish-free use. Set of 2 Candlesticks.

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Paschal Candleholder

Paschal Candle Holder, Hardwood Maple with Walnut finish

Traditionally a tall candle, symbolizing Christ, placed on the gospel side of an altar on Holy Saturday and kept burning until Ascension Day, is called a paschal, or Easter candle.

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Brasstone Candlelighter Stand

Candlelighters, stands & holders for all church uses.

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