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Gospel Light: Jesus for Every Generation!
Spring 2015

Lead kids to Jesus with the Gospel that changes lives.

Gospel Light Sunday school reveals Jesus’ presence throughout the entire Bible and connects children and their teachers to their loving Savior! Helping children develop their own personal relationship with Jesus is a central aspect of Gospel Light’s curriculum. Using multi media, flexible formatting, and a uniform elementary curriculum, Gospel Light offers churches of all sizes solid Bible content to lead children to know Jesus and grow in Christ. Gospel Light provides a fully resourced dated Sunday school curriculum plus a Large Group / Small Group children's church format. Many churches use the Large Group / Small Group during mid-week service or for a second hour on Sundays.

Note: Year B supports Gospel Light's More Jesus Large Group / Small Group curriculum in 2014-2015. Year D supports Gospel Light's Give Me Jesus classroom curriculum in 2014-2015.

Future Curriculum: Summer 2015 | Watch Video, Download Samples, & More!