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Buzz - Summer 2015 - Group Publishing

Buzz curriculum

Buzz®: The INSTANT Sunday School - where all you prepare is your heart.

With Buzz, kids are never bored because they choose the activities.  Buzz makes a 'bee-line' to faith growth—simply open the box, pull out the Quick Start guide, and your teachers and kids grow closer to God together!  Buzz is volunteer-friendly because if it’s in the lesson, it’s in the box. Each quarter, kids learn Bible truths that they will remember for a lifetime. Bible Buzz Cards provide creative, age-appropriate ways to teach specific Bible passages to children. Colorful, engaging gizmos (practical every day items used to teach a Biblical lesson) spark learning and fun. The Music CD is filled with Scripture melodies, engaging dramas, and more!

Current Curriculum: Spring 2015 | Information & Samples