Finding the Heavenly Treasure VBS 2012, R.H. Boyd

What is most valuable in life: Is it our wealth, big house, fancy car or brand name clothes? Surely there must be something more! Finding the Heavenly Treasure is about finding the treasure of eternal life in Jesus by experiencing the encounter Jesus had with a rich young ruler. This rich man realized he needed something else beyond obeying the 10 Commandments to obtain eternal life. (Matthew 19: 16 - 30) What can we learn today from this rich young man? We must be willing to sacrifice our stuff to follow Him - - not an easy task in our consumerist self-consumed culture. When we put all things, all obstacles behind the priority of following Jesus, He promises to supply all our needs. Join the journey to finding Heavenly Treasure in this VBS!

Bible Translation: NIV.         Ages 2 to Adult.

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