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The journey begins as Adam and Eve leave the lush oasis and enter a life of sin in the desert. After all, if children don't know we have sin, then they won't know their need for a Savior. From there, children see how Moses led the Israelites on a journey through the desert and Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. The week ends with a joyful celebration of the Resurrection and the heavenly home God has prepared for us. At the center of all teachings is our gracious Savior, Jesus Christ.

Take the Amazing Desert Journey, Where Jesus Leads Us Home!

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Amazing Desert Journey Director Guide with CDAmazing Desert Journey Director Guide with CD
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Amazing Desert Journey's Super Duper Director's Guide is your go-to resource to plan, prepare and conduct a successful VBS. Guidance from selecting your dates, to training volunteers, promiting, decorating, and keeping kids safe is inside.

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