Rock Solid Children's Ministry
Rock Solid Children's Ministry
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Leadership Resources

Follow Me As I Follow Christ: A Guide to Teaching Children in Church

You have been appointed by God through
your pastor to Children's Ministry leadership. Rise to the challenge or strengthen your current abilities to create the dynamic
and relevant ministry you envision.

Children's Ministry Leadership

Christian Leadership

More Equipping Volunteers


21st Century Kids Ministry

Mentoring Millennials: Shaping the Next Generation

Understand the current youth generation in the Information Age to better reach them for Christ. How can you mentor Millenials? How is society shaping their frame of mind and what implications does that have about their faith development? We must understand the influences upon young people to better guide them into faith in Christ.


Safety & Security

Let the Children Come: Preparing Faith Communities to End Child Abuse and Neglect

Establishing structures to keep children and youth safe in the care of the church is a series matter. Don't wait for a problem to happen! Take precautionary measures to prevent negative events, ensure your volutneers are 'safe people' and prepare in advance for emergencies.

Special Needs

Special Needs Ministry for Children

Ministry to children requiring unique educational support is a growing need in our churches and community in general. However, most volunteer teachers are unprepared to teach for learning differences. Get advice, articles and tips to better teach special needs children the love of God.

More on Learning Differences


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