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40 Days in the Word

Christ-Centered Sermons<br/>(Coming Soon)
Christ-Centered Sermons
(Coming Soon)

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Preach: Theology Meets Practice
Preach: Theology Meets Practice
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Saving Eutychus
Saving Eutychus
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Preaching as Theology

Privilege the Text

Privilege the Text! spans the conceptual gap between biblical text and life application by providing a rigorous theological hermeneutic for preaching. Kuruvilla describes the theological entity that is the intermediary between ancient text and modern audience, and defines its crucial function in determining valid application.

Sermon Preparation

Rewiring Your Preaching

Psychologist, physician and preacher Richard Cox shows that better understanding of the brain can help preachers be more effective in their preaching. Intentional, purposeful preaching can actually produce new neural pathways that change how the brain thinks and how its owner acts.

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Classical Preaching

The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards

America's greatest theologian was also one of her greatest preachers. Carrick traces Edwards's work through the 19th and 20th centuries, interacts with primary and secondary sources, while offering systematic, homiletic and historical analysis of Edwards' corpus of sermons.

Collected Sermons

Sermons on the Beattitudes

Sermons on the Beattitudes represents Calvin's last effort to elucidate a New Testament text of Matthew 5-7 in the context of regular public worship. Translated into a modern idiom, this book will bring sixteenth-century Geneva to the modern world.

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40 Days in the Word


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